Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Top Stylish Lockdown Activities

Despite the lockdown restrictions easing soon, elements of boredom are still bound to hit at some point. I've compiled a list of stylish lockdown friendly activities to combat that.

I recently found my new favourite thing – vintage editions of Vogue. The markets of Etsy and Depop are flooded with people selling old copies of the fashion staple, from this year back to the 60s. I managed to get my hands on the Dec 1991 copy with a Diana cover as well as the June 1995 copy, I am stunned. They are such gems. Just like with Vogue magazine, Harper's Bazaar, W magazine and many other classics can be found with a simple search.


Sign up for an online course. I assure you that there are more than you can imagine. From fashion centred subjects to general skills like leadership, free and charged, from some of the highest schools in the world to your local college and from courses that last a day to those that last six months. The opportunities are endless. I recently signed up for the Fashion Content Marketing short online course which is run by Central Saint Martins. Courses can be very easily found, all you have to do is look. In most of the cases, you aren't limited to only completing courses from schools in your country, but can apply to courses from all corners of the world. Why not use this time productively and boost your CV?


Create a mood board. This is a brilliant idea for all the more creative souls. Not only is this a great source of inspiration, but its also extremely aesthetic. I decorated one entire wall in pages ripped out from Vogue, but even something smaller will have the same impact. If fashion magazines aren’t your kryptonite, use anything you please – quotes, festival tickets, movie posters. This works as great room decor, especially for uni halls. 


There is no better time for a wardrobe clear out than a national lockdown.  The beauty to this is that with so much spare time on our hands, many are cruising the internet for new clothing additions. List the pieces you no longer wear on Depop, earn some money and gain space for new clothes. Another option is to donate clothes to charity – a brilliant way to help out those in need and still achieve the goal of more space.


One thing I have learnt well over the past year is that investing in your skincare is just as important as in your makeup. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with unproblematic skin. This is a very good time to take a closer look at the products you put on your face. If you have products that work very well for you, look for an ingredient they share, maybe that’s the key. Likewise, take a look at the products that aren’t working. Even if you stay with the products you are currently using, knowing which ingredients impact your skin and in what way will be very useful in the future.

What are you doing to keep yourself occupied?

K x

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