Sunday, June 28, 2020

Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Masterclass

Back in February, I had the pleasure of attending Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Masterclass and it was wonderful. I decided to go by myself and despite being a bit anxious beforehand, I had a swell time. The tickets were £45 each, which included afternoon tea and a £25 voucher to spend on the products. The event was held in a bar of a nice hotel. Before the masterclass started, we were all given information on the products and order sheets for later. We were also greeted with goodie bags with multiple samples including the scent of a dream perfume and a mini wonder glow.


The entire event was very professional. Despite Charlotte not being there herself, we were taught by her assistants. The first topic they covered was skincare, emphasising that investing in your skincare is just as important as investing in your makeup. There was a model sat by the window in front of all the products mentioned, everything was demonstrated on her.  The skincare section was pretty brief, focusing mainly on the instant magic facial dry sheet mask. 


Between the two sections, we were offered a true afternoon tea. There is something so lovely about eating macrons whilst discussing high end makeup. The set up itself added to the atmosphere. The food and cosmetics all looked so presentable, the staff were welcoming, and nothing felt rushed. 


The second section of the masterclass was my favourite. There wasn’t much that I learnt during the skincare talk through since I am already quite orientated in that area. The session was in celebration of Charlotte releasing further products to her famous Pillow Talk line. Instead of one lipstick, there are products that can be used for the entire face. Likewise, the shade selection has increased. The makeup artist recreated one of Charlotte’s iconic looks on the model, gentle berry eyes, glowy skin and a pink natural lip. We were then shown how to easily change this day look into a night one, by adding just some eyeliner and gloss. The night look is seen as the first photo, whereas the day version is the next.


The part that stood out to me the most was actually having a play around with the products myself. Whilst the cosmetics were being demonstrated on the model at the front, they were also passed around for us to experience on our own skin. I would say that the three makeup products most focused on were the cheek to chic blushes, Pillow talk lipsticks and the Pillow talk eyeshadow palette. The lipstick now has an extended range featuring two more shades – a Pillow Talk Medium and a Pillow Talk Intense. Just like with the latter lipstick, a cheek to chic blush has also launched in that shade. These have been designed to suit more skin tones, especially the darker complexions. 


Once the evening came to an end, I decided to treat myself to a blush. Now believe me when I say that I never have been a blush girl, my last one was Mac’s dollymix and I always felt as though blushes just washed me out.  The intense cheek to chic caught my eye, as it was more of a berry than a pink. I explained my blush struggles to one of the makeup artists and they told me that the intense version was for me. Despite it being created for those with a darker complexion, this one looked a lot healthier on me than the original Pillow Talk shade. 


Many months have since passed and I still use this blush daily, it sits very nicely in my makeup routine. The evening itself was a blast. Not only did I learn some tricks such as fill in your brow from the middle first for it to look more natural, but it was also a wonderful way to spend time after a logistics lecture. I highly recommend grabbing a ticket if you get the chance.


K x


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Top Stylish Lockdown Activities

Despite the lockdown restrictions easing soon, elements of boredom are still bound to hit at some point. I've compiled a list of stylish lockdown friendly activities to combat that.

I recently found my new favourite thing – vintage editions of Vogue. The markets of Etsy and Depop are flooded with people selling old copies of the fashion staple, from this year back to the 60s. I managed to get my hands on the Dec 1991 copy with a Diana cover as well as the June 1995 copy, I am stunned. They are such gems. Just like with Vogue magazine, Harper's Bazaar, W magazine and many other classics can be found with a simple search.


Sign up for an online course. I assure you that there are more than you can imagine. From fashion centred subjects to general skills like leadership, free and charged, from some of the highest schools in the world to your local college and from courses that last a day to those that last six months. The opportunities are endless. I recently signed up for the Fashion Content Marketing short online course which is run by Central Saint Martins. Courses can be very easily found, all you have to do is look. In most of the cases, you aren't limited to only completing courses from schools in your country, but can apply to courses from all corners of the world. Why not use this time productively and boost your CV?


Create a mood board. This is a brilliant idea for all the more creative souls. Not only is this a great source of inspiration, but its also extremely aesthetic. I decorated one entire wall in pages ripped out from Vogue, but even something smaller will have the same impact. If fashion magazines aren’t your kryptonite, use anything you please – quotes, festival tickets, movie posters. This works as great room decor, especially for uni halls. 


There is no better time for a wardrobe clear out than a national lockdown.  The beauty to this is that with so much spare time on our hands, many are cruising the internet for new clothing additions. List the pieces you no longer wear on Depop, earn some money and gain space for new clothes. Another option is to donate clothes to charity – a brilliant way to help out those in need and still achieve the goal of more space.


One thing I have learnt well over the past year is that investing in your skincare is just as important as in your makeup. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with unproblematic skin. This is a very good time to take a closer look at the products you put on your face. If you have products that work very well for you, look for an ingredient they share, maybe that’s the key. Likewise, take a look at the products that aren’t working. Even if you stay with the products you are currently using, knowing which ingredients impact your skin and in what way will be very useful in the future.

What are you doing to keep yourself occupied?

K x


Sunday, June 21, 2020

University - living at home vs moving out

For those that choose a university close to their home town, the 'do I move out or stay at home?' debate can be very difficult. Both sides of the argument have their clear advantages and disadvantages, so from a girl who has experienced both, here is my view.

Living at home

I decided to stay at home as soon as I got accepted into my university choice, I didn't consider moving out as it is local to my home town.


- It is more affordable. 
This is no secret, even if you do pay rent and utilities, you already have many things at home that you would probably buy extra for university. Anything from pots and pans to a tv license.
- More time with your family.
Some people aren't ready for such a large jump and move out, and that's okay. It's not for everybody at the age of eighteen.
- Less chores
At university, you have to do everything yourself, from cooking to laundry and everything in between. These tasks are not that big at all, but they are there.
- Seems easier. 
It does. Some people fear the idea of being thrown into a new building with strangers and being told they have to live there, when you stay at home you have the comfort that goes alongside it. 


- Commuting.
Just like all other points, this varies depending on our situation. Despite university being a thirty minute drive from me, I don't drive and would have to take four buses a day to get to and from university. It was exhausting, especially getting a bus at 6:50 to make sure I'm on time for a 9am lecture. if this applies to you, maybe try commuting the journey to and from university a few times (when it is safe to do so) to see if you can deal with it daily.
- Meet less people
This was also something that I felt greatly. I love meeting new people and I just didn't manage to when I lived at home. I made the effort to talk to strangers in lectures and sign up to societies but because my journey home was quite long, it was difficult and its quite hard to describe exactly why.
- Potentially cannot attend everything you want. 
When you don't live right next to university, chances are that for some reasons you may not be able to go to everything you want to. Whether the reason is transport or even just having somewhere to stay afterwards, this is an issue.

Moving out

Living at home didn't work out for me. I moved out about a month and a half into my freshers year, it was the best decision I have ever made. 


- Independence / life skills. 
You will naturally learn a lot, you will become more independent without realising.
- Meet a lot more people.
I have met so many people in the first week of moving into my accommodation. Not only do you meet your flat/house mates, but their friends and partners. Whether you end up becoming friends with these people or not, you will meet them regardless.
- On site. 
Every accommodation is different, but they all will be whim a reasonable distance from the university. These areas are always catered to students, you will have food shops etc and other services you will need in attempt to make it as easy as possible for you.
- Uni life
A very big advantage of university in general is the university lifestyle around it. Everybody's experience will differ, but the university life aspect is definitely there. Whether its baking with your flatmates at 3am and building blanket forts or being angry that your neighbours are drinking and partying all night, it is very specific. One of my favourite university memories was when my flatmates surprised me only birthday but decorating my bedroom door, our kitchen and baking me a cake.


This can also be a disadvantage because this can be scary. And that's okay. 
- Costs more than staying at home. 
This isn't a hidden fact, the student lifestyle isn't associated with luxury, but it really doesn't need to be. The most important things most spend on apart from their rent are food shops, nights out and the takeaways after the night out. You don't need anything else.
- Can feel home sick. 
 This is a very big change, from seeing those you live with everyday to the rare occasion they come to visit. I know some people the same age as me who are not ready to take this step at such a young age and I know people the same age who have wanted this for years. Both are okay.
- Big change. 
This is a very big change, some anxiety and stress probably will go hand and hand with it. Also very normal. But you have to remember that probably most of those at uni are feeling the exact same, or at least haven't one earlier.

If you have the possibility of moving out, I would highly recommend. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages in my eyes, plunge in the deep end. However, I do know that not everyone has as lovely experiences with flatmates as I do and after all, you will be signing a legal document when it comes to your accommodation. The choice is tricky, but definitely do not disregard this opportunity straight away.

K x

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Vintage Bar Experience

Back in March, I treated myself to the bag I have had my eyes on for over a year - The Louis Vuitton Pochette, I bought the bag through The Vintage Bar which is a business based in Denmark specialised in vintage designer goods. Here is my experience. 

I have both joined The Vintage Bar's waitlist and would check out their new arrivals daily to see if they were selling the pochette there, as I have found that the price on this website was better for this particular bag compared to places such as Vestiaire Collective. On March 3rd, I noticed that the Pochette was listed, I ordered it that afternoon as a late birthday present. By the morning of the 6th it had already arrived from Copenhagen to England. All items are authenticated as soon as they are out on the website, not in the moment someone buys them, which is brilliant as it means you do not have to wait as long. The delivery was tracked.

I have contacted The Vintage Bar a few times prior to this and they have always had excellent customer service. I emailed them and messaged them on their social media, they replied to both within a matter of hours. I have also received many extra photos. I was always treated the exact same whether it was the time I went through with my purchase or I was just considering. Another thing I enjoyed was the actual use of that website, it is very clear and very well organised, unlike Vestiaire Collective for instance, which can be very crowded and messy at times. The packaging itself was beautiful, the bag was wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a black silk bow. Inside, a lifelong guarantee of authenticity alongside an authenticity certificate, and a printed thank you note with my name handwritten on. Those little touches are greatly appreciated and added to the experience of purchasing my first Louis Vuitton.

The vintage bar does not have their own dustbags, such as other preloved markets or example. On the item listings, it is very clearly defined what accessories the bag comes with. They maintain that all items leave the say way when they arrive, you cannot simply buy a dustbag from a different handbag. The Louis Vuitton Pochette came exactly how described, and it is a beautiful piece to start off my collection. 

If you're after rehoming your own luxury goods instead, The Vintage Bar also offers a consignment service. I highly recommend using The Vintage Bar, the products they sell are stunning and the customer service truly adds to the entire experience. I look forward to purchasing from them again in the future.

K x


Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Top Fashion Lessons From Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl is a true tv classic and it is absolutely no secret that it is known for the its strong involvement in the fashion world. Apart from self-empowering strong woman quotes, we are also taught many tips about fashion. Here are just some of my favourites that are often overlooked.


Red and Pink do belong together


Every soul that has watched this show remembers the iconic scene where Chuck and Blair have a heart to heart in a train station in Paris. We see Blair in a beautiful red Oscar de la Renta gown and hot pink accessories. This colourway works. It adds such a feminine twist on an already very feminine look. For some unknown reason, many of us used to believe that red and pink clash too much together when we were younger. That is false and Blair Waldorf really shows us that. 


Patterned tights are still ‘it’


Blair and her ‘minions’ were very often seen wearing colourful or patterned tights with many different looks, Serena too. It is such an effortless way to tie together any outfit. Brands such as Gucci, Fendi and Burberry still release branded tights, and what is a better way to show your brand loyalty than having their logos on your legs? These are also brilliant because there are so many different ways to wear and style them - cute dress, oversized sweater, mini skirt and a blouse. The possibilities are endless. 

Head scarfs and bandeau scarfs are just as cute as headbands


Headbands made a very strong come back a year or two ago, and they are very simple way to mimic Blair’s iconic accessory. However, they are now everywhere, for good and for worse. If you still want to try out the look but in a more unique way, tie a bandeau scarf or any thin material through your hair. Serena used to do this during her school days very regularly and the effortless, yet still chic essence is still radiated. This is so simple and can be done in so many different ways. You can tie it in with a pony tail, hold it down with a few bobby pins or even tie a bow if you would like. Another big advantage of this look is how many different variations there are out there. You could use the left over material from a top you cropped to do this, just as you could buy a cheap scarf in a vintage shop or a designer bandeau online.


Jeans are not essential


There, I said it, they’re not. Although it’s difficult to initially picture a jean free wardrobe because they go well with any top, it is such an easy way to spice up your style. In the first season, Blair is seen wearing jeans once or twice, but this really decreased over the following seasons. The truth is, there are so many different wardrobe staples you can replace a pair of jeans with, that will still match just as many clothes. Cigarette trousers and skirts for instance, a very simple switch that does not go unnoticed. The truth is that the market is full of different types of bottoms you can replace jeans with. I haven't worn a pair of jeans in over a year, and it is one of the best fashion decisions I have made so far. It isn't a secret that jeans can look extremely flattering at times, but eradicating them from your outfits or at least wearing them less can look just as good and even more unique.


Don’t be scared to wear adventurous patterns


Both of the main characters were very often seen wearing bold patterns, and they managed to pull them off.  It’s very easy to stay within the comforts of leopard, polka dot and plaid prints, but the pattern world is never-ending. Double patterning can feel a bit dangerous, but the feeling of pairing two different patterns and them working together is rewarding. Patterns with the same colour scheme can compliment each other beautifully, just as well as contrasting colours can too.

Pearls do not go ‘out of fashion’


Pearls are truly timeless, and they are a very simple way of making you look instantly more elegant. Blair is seen time after time wearing different jewellery pieces that feature pearls and they always have the same effect. Adding some to your look, even if it’s just a pair of dainty pearl studs adds a level of class. 

The list goes on and on.

K x

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