Sunday, July 26, 2020

What To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your First Designer Bag

 Purchasing your first designer bag is an unforgettable experience. The market is continuously growing meaning that more and more designs and trends are hitting the streets. Likewise, so is the preloved market. Before buying my first Gucci bag, I surfed the internet looking for tips to ensure I was making the right choice, now I'm sharing my favourites with you.

Do your research


Whether you’re buying your bag brand new or on the preloved market, it’s important to see how the bag will hold up in the future. ‘Wear and Tear’ and review videos on YouTube are brilliant for this, as this is exactly what their purpose is. I also recommend searching up the same bag on places like Vestiaire Collective, this will allow you to examine photographs carefully and see how long lasting the product really is. 

The Exterior Material


This is crucial and heavily dependent on what you plan on using your bag for. My first luxury bag was the Gucci Boat Pochette. Despite adoring this bag, I do not wear it often because I am worried about damaging the canvas. With British weather, you can never be fully certain whether or not the rain will start pouring down soon, this bag wasn’t created to be used in this weather. Of course, the first few times the rain hits, the damage (if any) will be minimal. However, with the exposure to such conditions growing, so does the wear and tear. If you are after a day-to-day handbag, the more sensible choice will be leather or patent, as It will be more durable, and you can lightly wash off any marks meaning you won’t be left with stains.




The concept of trends goes one of two ways – either you hop on a trend and the item will look dated to that particular year (such as Alexander Wang’s Rocco studded bag in 2014) or you find a trend that includes features that have always been in your style so you maximise the use of the goods available. The Rocco bag is just one example of pieces that initially take people back to a particular time and atmosphere. The Prada nylon reeditions will always initially remind people of 2020, just lie Louis Vuitton’s Multi Pochette. If you are someone who always wants to appear to be in the current trend, classic shapes and designs are the safes best as they are timeless. Bags such as Chanel’s 2.55 or Louis Vuitton’s Alma aren’t specific to one time in history and they look just as beautiful today as they did ten years ago. Classic prints are a safe bet, and usually work with a lot more in your wardrobe. However, this is no rule. If you’re a pastel soul and have been waiting for a collection in this specific colour palette to drop, Gucci’s multicolour pastel range may be more you than the same products in black. This is just a good point to consider, but not necessarily a rule to follow.


The size


Each bag we have serves a different need. For the past three years I’ve been using a cream patent tote from Ralph Lauren to college/university and to work, its large enough to fit my laptop and a few more things. Because it’s so large, I really wanted a smaller bag to just carry my phone, mask and hand sanitiser. Initially I had my eye on Louis Vuitton’s mini Pochette Accessories, but that wouldn’t fit my phone, so I knew it probably wasn’t the smartest choice as I always carry my phone. Instead, I managed to find the larger version of the same Pochette on The Vintage Bar. You need to calculate the size of the bag you need to see which size you’ll; get the most wear out of – buying a clutch if u already have multiple clutches you love and wear regularly may mean that a cross body for the day is a better choice.




Of course, the colour is just as important as everything else. This links into the trend and dated looks debate as well as the practicality. Neutral colours are usually the safest bet, as the colours are always in style and will suit most of the pieces in your wardrobe. This being said, there is no rule against buying a piece in your favourite colour no matter how wild and adventurous it is.  It’s just something worth considering.

And most importantly, cheers to your new bag.

K x


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Buffy Summers' Best Looks

Despite airing over two decades ago, Buffy the Vampire Slayer remains a cult classic and favourite. Alongside the gripping story line for any mythical lover, the style from the show is just as inspiring as it was back in 1997. The 90s have been the backbone behind many Highstreet collections over the past few years and many of the iconic looks are integrated into our everyday life – from claw clips to slip dresses. The truth is that shows in the 90s produced many style icons, most popular being Rachel Green from Friends but Buffy Summers’ looks are just as memorable. Whether she was off to dance at The Bronze or out patrolling, Miss Summers constantly served looks.

Black Dress and Black Boot Duo

Of course, I must start with the black dress, black boot combo. I’m a very big fan of black dresses, every lady should own a few. Buffy is known for both very colourful and all black effortless looking outfits. The plainness and subtlety of the material with the short-cupped sleeves makes it the ideal day to day piece, whilst still suiting a pair of stilettos for a dinner. Likewise, black boots surely aren’t going anywhere. Likewise, the square neck number pictured in the middle is a staple for any evening occasion. Whether you’re a high heel or chunky platform soul, black boots remain the pair of shoes that are always wanted. 

Buffy's Leather Jacket Collection

Another Buffy staple has to be a leather jacket, over the course of the seven seasons we see her rocking many, the most famous probably being Angel’s black oversized one that appears in season one. As well as the iconic white prom dress with the black leather jacket look from the finale of the same season, of course. The reality of leather jackets is that they do not ‘go out of style’ as they truly look good on everyone. Probably one of the most known leather jacket moments was when Zara released their coloured biker faux leather jackets back. Few years ago – baby pink, burgundy, mustard and blue. The hype around that particular shape and colour palette may seem dated, but the variations of leather jackets is never ending. My favourite leather jacket is from NA-KD, it’s a chocolate brown double-breasted faux leather piece with a belt buckle in the middle which tightly cinches you in. The amounts of compliments I have received on this jacket is pretty surreal, I was once even told that I reminded someone of Buffy whilst wearing it. Unfortunately, this particular piece has now sold out since I bought it over a year ago, but NA-KD-s leather jacket collections in general are worth checking out.

Cute Prints

Even though Buffy rocks many badass looks, she often wore the giriiest prints out there. From pink cheetah print to cherries, we regularly saw the slayer embracing her softer side. Over the lockdown summer we have seen a strong increase in popularity in ‘y2k’ trends and cute prints on everything, such as those adorable patterned Motel Rocks slip dresses many girls have been strutting around in. Floral and animal prints in particular are always ‘in’ and loved by many. The cherry print is my personal favourite, its easy to get boxed in and think the pattern world ends at plaid, animals and flowers. Buffy is proof that these prints can look good on anybody, even if you’re not a stereotypical girly-girl.

The truth is that this post is just the tip of the iceberg. Buffy teaches us countless fashion tips throughout the seven seasons, alongside other gurus such as Cordelia and Faith.

What are your favourite Buffy looks?

K x


Sunday, July 19, 2020

Styling Little Black Dresses For The Day

Oh, the little black dress, where do we begin? As far as wardrobe staples go, LBDs can definitely be classed in this category. Wearing one is such a simple way to look elegant and classy in such an effortless way. I find that pretty much everyone uses or has at least heard of the term, but most purely connotate it with evening outfits. And whilst you cannot go wrong with a black dress when the sky is dark, there is no reason why these pieces should be limited to that time. Here are three simple ways to rock a little black dress on the daily.

With a hat


Now this particular dress does have a strong drinks feeling about it. You can easily imagine it with a pair of stilettos and a matching clutch. I bought this dress because it reminded me of Vikki Dougan’s iconic backless black midi moment in 1957. Of course, there are a few differences, but the similarity between the long sleeves, open back with a clasp on a strap and covered front made me put this number in my basket. Yes, backless outfits are stereotypically more evening approved, however this is no different than wearing a halter. Similarly, the modest appearance remains due to the high coverage on the front. This on its own with a pair of kitten heels would work great for a lunch date, but since we are on the theme of accessories, we cannot forget the classic – hats. Whether its Dorothy Malone in 1956’s Written on The Wind or Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961, we can find plenty of proof that a black hat paired with a black midi dress is a timeless look. In order to spice up the outfit further, I removed the black ribbon the hat originally came with and swapped it for a Chanel ribbon. The hat is from ASOS.

With tights


I adore a dress and tights duo. I bought this dress last autumn in Zara and I have worn in countless times. The main focus is on the mid length balloon sleeves but since the dress is very tight fitting, the shapes of both elements complement each other well. Whilst being extremely flattering, there is nothing to stop this dress from being worn in the daytime. This dress is actually knitted, which makes it both warm and comfortable. To carry on the warm and comfortable trend, I paired this piece with a pair of polka dot tights from Boux Avenue. Now these can be styled both for day and night-time but pieced together with a knitted dress make a gorgeous light sky look. And just with those two pieces, I managed to out together an outfit that looks like a lot more than it actually is – a plain black dress and patterned tights. Another advantage of this duet is the fact that even though cute loafers march, some ankle boots do just as much. This type of outfit makes me feel like Adrienne La Russa in 1969’s Psychout for Murder. Paired with my Gucci boat pochette and black low heel sling backs from Zara, you’re ready to hit the shops.  

With a blazer


I adore blazers, I have lost count of how many I currently own. Their biggest advantage is that they hold a very smart look and throwing one on can transform an outfit. Black dresses already carry class with them, so pairing them with a blazer emphasises this further. This gives me a strong off duty supermodel vibes, especially with a low bun and a pair of black sunglasses on. This Zara dress works perfectly for this, its simple therefore the blazer won’t be taking anything away from it. Since the dress is plain, I decided to pair it with a velvet blazer that has satin lapels. The mix of textures will prevent the outfit from looking flat and add a further level to it. In order to compliment the satin lapels, I added my 'Charme' black crystal belt from House Of CB. Adding this piece also gives the look more shape, as the waist is highlighted under the blazer. The jacket itself is from Topman that I picked up in a charity shop a while back, an absolute steal.

How are you going to wear little black dresses during the day?

K x



Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Ordering Sunglasses from Chanel - The Experience

As a reward for finishing my first year of university (during a pandemic may I add), I treated myself to a pair of Chanel sunglasses. I will class this as probably one of my best ideas. Before lockdown, after my shift ended, I would often take a walk to Flannels and try on different pairs of sunglasses to figure out which shape suited me most to allow me to feel more confident when placing an order online.

Since you cannot buy any of Chanel’s fashion pieces on their website, I was surprised to learn they do actually offer the option of ordering sunglasses from For those living in certain areas of London, you have the chance of experiencing Chanel’s Concierge delivery, where for £12, the brand brings the boutique sunglasses try on adventure to your doorstep. However, since I am not a Londoner, I ordered my pair online and had them delivered. The Butterfly sunglasses caught my eye as soon as I first saw them. I was looking for a classic yet feminine frame, a pair that won’t feel too dated and that will suit my style. This particular pair reminds me of a modern version of the Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan shades that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  The plain black outside frame with no extra detail but the iconic CC on the side shows simplicity yet elegance, whilst the ‘Chanel’s written on the top of the frame give a nowadays twist yet still provide the simplicity and elegance like the rest of the glasses. Alongside the black and beige pair, I chose, there is also a tortoise shell alternative. The first costing £310 whereas the latter £345. Chanel’s website includes a ‘try on’ feature, where you allow access to your camera and a filter pops up with the glasses you chose the try on. This is extremely useful, this allows you to see how the measurements, colours and shape of the glasses suit you personally.

I ordered the glasses on Thursday evening, and my Saturday morning they were already with me thanks to Chanel’s complimentary delivery.  Everything was packaged beautifully. The iconic black Chanel box was wrapped with the Chanel ribbon, which was tied in a bow, featuring the famous camellia flower. I was also gifted a miniature Sycamore perfume. The invoice was presented in a black envelope and the entire box was carefully lined with tissue paper.

The glasses came inside a quilted black leather case, the same quilting as on their other accessories. One of my favourite parts of the purchase was the microfiber cloth included, which features sketches of Chanel products and Karl Lagerfeld’s signature in the bottom corner. This was my first ever Chanel purchase – from the brand itself or from the second-hand market. Of course, the glasses are pristine and are brilliant quality. They sit in their box on my dressing table beside my 1974 edition of Vogue. I remain stunned. There is nothing about my experience that I would have changed, of course with Chanel being such a high luxury company, they do have expectations they lived up to all of mine.

What are your dream sunglasses?


K x


Sunday, July 12, 2020

Fashion Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Everyone needs to be aware of those little fashion hacks that can save the day if needs be. Those little pieces of information you randomly gather throughout your life. Here is a list of my favourite little tips to get you either through a fashion emergency, or prevent one.


Nude Tights

Nude tights remain one of the best inventions. It still surprises me when people are amazed by these, as they are such a simple element to add to your wardrobe. No need to tan or worry about any bruisers or anything in between. That aside, they also provide a layer (thin, but still a layer nonetheless) between your skin and the shoe, so you’re one little step further away from blisters. 

Know Your Measurements

You need to know your measurements. This is crucial. The typical numerical sizes or the S,M,L scales only help so much and at times, different companies size their garments slightly differently (hence why a size 10 in one place will fit the same as a size 12 in another). When you know your measurements, you can use size guides accurately and find your best fitting size. Having your clothes fit you properly is one of the most important things



Stretching Shoes

Perhaps the only crafty one here, here’s what to do to stretch your shoes. All sorts of mishaps can happen when buying a pair of shoes. On my prom day I realised that my stilettos were not the same size, both said they were a size 6 and neither of them seemed to be a size bigger or smaller, yet they were different n done didn’t fit. I lived in a little town with no retail shops and literally hours way from prom, so I put a bag of water inside the smaller stiletto and froze it. It stretched slightly and fit perfectly. A very weird little hack that worked wonders, and those remained my favourite high heels for over three years.

Small Heels


Wearing heels is a guaranteed way to make it seem as though your outfit is more polished and put together. This isn’t limited to stilettos whatsoever; I’m actually talking about small block slingbacks. These are revolutionary. A stylish yet. Very comfortable way to spice up any outfit. I think sometime people worry about wearing a little heel in their everyday routine, but these aren’t that different to heeled ankle boots that most of us wear anyway. my favourite pairs are from Zara, they always have a few different colours available.


Know Which Shapes Suit You Figure

Just like you need to know your measurements, you need to know which shapes fit your body best. This makes shopping, especially online, so much easier. Once you find the shape patterns and cuts that flatter you the most, you have an almost safe bet that what you’re ordering will suit. This is also a good way to try out new clothes and styles, if something in particular suits you ery well, then something that is close to it might also. For instance, if you see that asymmetrical straps are flattering on you, is it because they draw attention to the higher part of your chest? Or is it because of the size of the actual strap itself?

Of course, the 'hacks' in the fashion world are never-ending, but these are just a few of my personal favourites. What are yours?

K x 


Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Where to buy vintage Vogues

Lockdown has changed and shaped us all in many ways, whilst having its very clear disadvantages, nothing comes without a silver lining. One of the ways I have spent the past 100 or so days is by acquiring a new hobby – collecting vintage Vogues. Now I am already on my third annual subscription, so the stack of fashion bibles on my dressing table hasn’t been small in a fairly long time. I was scrolling through Depop and came across a listing for a 1991 Diana cover of Vogue, my curiosity took me further and I discovered that the market is full of vintage editions. And I’ve been hooked from that moment. The amount of fashion inspiration on those pages is astronomical, and something that cannot be fully experienced online.

I currently have four vintage editions sourced from three different places – Depop, Etsy and Ebay. My first purchases were on Depop from @editarmiore. I am a very big fan of the Princess of Wales; she remains not only one of the most iconic fashion legends but also a true queen of hearts. The cover of the December 1991 issue is truly stunning. The second issue I purchased here was the June 1995 magazine with Helena Christensen on the cover.

I was extremely impressed with how well these two were packaged, inside two enveloped, tissue paper and cardboard cut outs to protect the corners.

To celebrate my Imieniny, my mum surprised me with my birthday edition of Vogue – the February 2001 edition with Naomi Campbell on the main page. This was ordered from Still in Vogue on Ebay. The wonderful thing about this particular shop is that the magazine came gift wrapped in coloured tissue paper and a silver ribbon tied in a bow. This is a truly wonderful gift idea, to source a magazine form the month and year someone was born. One of the main reasons why I adore magazines so much is because flicking through the pages makes you feel as though you’re in another world, back in the time to when those models were photographed, and those words written. It shows you how much has changed since then, what happened to be important in those days and how people would dress. 

Now for my most precious piece – the October 1974 edition. I managed to find this absolute Gem on Etsy; a shop named Vintage Mag Archive. You can tell how different the world was back then just by looking at the price, a Vogue in the 1970s only cost 40p. I adore the 70s. Anyone that spends remotely even a few hours with me knows I have memorised most lines in That 70s show and that my heart goes out for the stereotypical fashion from that decade. To say this magazine’s condition is pristine would be an understatement, it is 46 years old and the pages are intact. I believe the beautiful lady on the cover is Denise Hopkins. It’s fascinating to have an insight into what the fashion world looked like in 1974, in a way that differs to an electronic screen. And if you're more of a Hapers Bazaar spirit at heart, The Vintage Mag Archive also have a selection of old editions of your favourite.

Which year's edition would you like to get your hands on?

K x


Sunday, July 5, 2020

My Favourite Depop Shops

I have loved the idea of the preloved market ever since I had my own pocket money to spend. There are so many advantages to it, from supporting small businesses to giving someone’s old clothes a new home. Unfortunately, fast fashion is growing rapidly, and it is easy to get tempted to solely buy there. In my many years of scrolling platforms such as Depop and Etsy, I have come across many brands that are led by their ethics. Here are my favourites that I know I will be buying more from in the future and personally recommend. This is not a sponsored post in anyway, I just want to share my favourite fast fashion alternatives.


Studded Petals


I stumbled across Studded Petals last summer whilst trying to find some vintage and unique designer pieces. To say I hit the jackpot would be an understatement. Millie manages to source authentic goods from all of the hottest brands, from Chanel and Gucci to Burberry and Fendi with everything in between. I enjoy the stock drops, there is something so exciting about seeing the live countdown to when her most recent finds are available.  The brilliant thing about this particular shop is that there are plenty of different items with different styles. You can find your dream 90s rimless Chanel sunglasses right next to a Fendi towel set. 


I purchased a beautiful Dole and Gabanna sweater from Studded Petals last year and to this day it is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve contacted Millie a few times and even when I was just browsing, she was always very helpful. Pieces from this shop have been worn by Madison Beer and Bella Hadid, if this isn’t proof of the wonderful service then I don’t know what is. I highly recommend Studded Petals for all the vintage luxury lovers like myself out there.


All accounts - @studdedpetals

Website –


Aurem By Freya


Aurem By Freya is a very special business. Freya specialises in gorgeous handmade dainty jewellery. The gorgeous hairpins and rings aside, 100% of the profits are donated to help rescue elephants in Thailand. You read correctly, 100%.  The donations all go to the Elephant Nature Park to put abused elephants on the path to their recovery.


I was struggling to find a simple but elegant cartilage stud for a fairly long time, I searched the internet, and none caught my eye, until I found Freya’s page on Depop. Freya’s pieces are all very affordable, especially when compared to the businesses that do not donate their profits. The service was impeccable. The earring came quickly and wrapped wonderfully, with my name handwritten in a script font with a thank you note. Buying a gift for someone here is a brilliant idea and would make a great present from the heart.


All accounts - @aurembyfreya

Website –



Dreamers Rebels


Dreamers Rebels is a ship that sells both true vintage and their own slow fashion pieces. This is the ideal place for all the vintage feminine souls to find unforgettable garments. When I say feminine, I mean true dainty almost fairy like clothes. Their own collection is ethically made, which justifies purchasing treats here that are slightly more expensive than opting for a fast fashion giant. The vintage pieces that Dreamers rebels offer are all handpicked and strongly remind me of Gabi DeMartino’s style. 


I have recently received my own order – a baby blue three-piece suit from the 90s. Dreamers Rebels offers a rework service when buying from them, I had the trousers and skirt from my three-piece adjusted to my measurements by a tailor. Having this service offered to you is brilliant, as it saves you time from having to sort it out yourself. Not only were my clothes wrapped in lovely packaging, the business had put flowers in the parcel to give it that extra girly touch.

All accounts - @dreamersrebels


House of Sunny


This is the perfect brand for all my groovy souls out there. The designs are stunning. You can instantly tell where clothes from this brand are from as they are truly unique, I haven’t seen anything remotely similar to their prints on the market. Individuality aside, I also adore this business because of their anti-waste prints. It is no secret that there is astronomical amount of textile waste produced which ends up in landfills, now what a badass way are anti waste prints to help combat this. House of Sunny’s anti waste print idea means that many of their patterns are a non-placement print, therefore they do not have to make sure that every single pattern is lined up in the exact same place as in other garments which means they have less waste. Not only does this lead to a larger percentage of fabric being used up, it also means every piece that is created using this fabric will differ. 


I have two pieces from House of Sunny, the ‘Marina’ shirt which makes me feel like Jackie Burkhart from That 70’s Show and ‘Thee Coveralls’ in a tangerine shade which give a very strong Ashton Kutcher vibe from a cast shoot from the same sitcom where everyone is in coloured jumpsuits. Both pieces are so different to everything the high street has to offer. The Marina shirt is made out of anti-waste fabric, which emphasises its funky and bold patterns further.


All accounts - @houseofsunny

Website –

What are your favourite fast fashion alternatives?

K x


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

One Year At Lush

Today marks exactly a year since my I started working at Lush Cosmetics. I had my interview hours after my contract law a-level exam and my first training took place on this evening 366 days ago. I’ve always been very fascinated by Lush. I remember in my early teenage years popping into this very small and narrow Lush store that was on my way home and smelling all the lip scrubs. The big versions of the soaps were by the window and of course it was the large pink Rock Star soap that caught my attention most. My first Lush product was a Butterbear bath bomb, which was a Christmas edition of the Butterball classic but shaped like a bear, like last year’s soap. My second product was the Santa’s Kiss lip scrub which smelt and tasted like cherry cola. To celebrate the past bubbly year, I thought I would share just some of the things I have learnt.


Here is the obvious one – ingredients. This is a very big (and continuing) lesson that translates into my everyday life. Every single ingredient used has a purpose, whether it be fragrance or soothing properties. I have learnt which ingredients work best for me, and now look for them in many products. This has shown me that the back of the bottle is just as important (if not more) as the front. Before Lush, I didn’t pay that much attention to ingredients, especially in hair care, I thought the hair world was limited to ‘dry’, ‘normal’ and ‘oily’, I wasn’t aware that the ingredients made a difference. After using Jersey Bounce and Big shampoo, I’ve noticed that my favourite hair ingredient is sea salt due to its volume properties. This is what I search for now. This also works with skin care of course. Due to my skin being quite acne prone, I focus on ingredients such as chamomile oil to help relax and calm my skin like in the Herbalism clay cleanser for example. More specifically, I pay attention to ingredients like tea tree oil, rosemary oil and witch hazel extract. The first works as an antimicrobial, the rosemary is an antiseptic and witch hazel cleanses, this is why I fell in love with Tea Totaler naked cleanser when I purchased it a few weeks back. Knowing more about ingredients has also allowed me to figure out my favourite scents - bergamot and cassis absolute. Yes, this means I am a very big Comforter fan. I actually treated myself to the big bubble bar version to celebrate the anniversary.


The second lesson I want to talk about is the fact that I have become more aware of my own plastic consumption. Realising that the market is filled with plastic free alternatives really opens your eyes to the fact that the amount of plastic I used to use really isn’t necessary. I learnt this mainly through the use of naked products, such as the Tea Totaler naked cleansing balm mentioned above. My own recycling skills have also improved in the past year – not just at work, but in my day to day life. This truly is a life skill, and most importantly, makes a very big difference to the Earth’s health.


I could go on and on about the messages and skills I have learned over the past year, it is a fairly long list. But I will finish on my favourite point which was a message that was really reinforced in my life during my first year at Lush. Everyone is equal. Everybody matters. Of course, this is a fairly obvious message, but it is very clear at Lush – and I truly appreciate that. No matter your race, hair colour, age, gender or any other variable, every single soul is treated with the exact same level of respect. This is wonderful. With so much evil going on in the world, having spaces and communities that are so welcoming towards everyone is vital.  And well of course, I adore a Comforter bath. 


Let the good times roll (or, keep rolling),


K x

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