Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Product Review

 The Harvey Nichols Black Friday deals caught me. I haven't been excited about makeup in a fairly long time, it is more of a routine for me rather than something to play around with. However since I am working many hours over Christmas, I thought I would treat myself to feel a bit more polished for work. I decided to go with Charlotte Tilbury, beforehand I had only one full sized product which was the classic Cheek To Chic blush which I use everyday. I attended the brand's masterclass at the start of the year and really enjoyed having an insight to the brand.

Charlotte's Superstar Glow HighlighterI used to use Becca's Champagne Pop religiously when I was younger and highlighter was one of my favourite makeup steps. For some reason, I stopped using it all together this year. I didn't even pack my highlighter brush with me to university. But I was fancying a change and switch up in my routine. I couldn't decide between this and Charlotte's Magic Star which is a gold alternative. Superstar Glow was chosen as I felt as though this would suit my fair complexion better. This powder is huge, as tall as the WonderGlow primer for reference. The product itself is very pretty, nothing too blinding like the 2016 trend but still lifts your face giving you the angel look Charlotte is known for. 

'Walk of No Shame' Jewel Pot
Next up is a pressed eye pigment. Shimmery eyes haven't been part of my look for a while but with the festive season already here I thought they were worth a shot. This is my favourite makeup packaging I have ever seen - stunning. This little pot sitting near you makes you feel like a princess. Better still, the fall out from this product is minimal. I used a sparkly eyeshadow from my Morphe 35M palette and there was more glitter under my eye than on my lid. I didn't use an eye primer, just a dot of concealer underneath. This lasted an impressive amount of time. I mean 8am until 11pm with a retail shift in-between. I found it only to crease if I didn't apply concealer as a base but when I do, genuinely no issues. Five stars.

Wonderglow Primer
Another product I was very excited about was this primer. I have tried it before as I was gifted a mini tube at the Masterclass. Just like back in February, the product didn't disappoint. This is very glowy, with gold shimmer running throughout. It makes you look healthy and radiant without being over the top. I tried this under two different foundations (L'Oréal True Match and Estee Lauder's Double Wear) and it worked brilliantly. 

Lip Cheat lip liner in the shade 'Hot Gossip'
Here we have the 'Lip Cheat' lip liner in the shade 'Hot Gossip'. It was a little tricky telling the liners apart online as they all seemed pretty similar, whether I was on the official website or looking at Google Images. I opted for this shade as it appeared the most peach toned. I use Sephora's 'Deep Brown' lip liner like there is no tomorrow so I fancied a change in tone. Just like all of the products I have tried so far, this is so pretty. Very creamy, easy to hold and long-lasting. I will be trying out different shades in the future.

Collagen Lip Bath in the shade 'Rosy Glow'
The last two products were gifted as part of Harvey Nichols' Black Friday promotion (hence why I got caught out). This is the 'Collagen Lip Bath' in the shade 'Rosy Glow'. First of all, the applicator wand is a heart. So adorable. It is actually fairly easy to use since the shape is basically two normal applicators put together. I like lip gloss a lot, my favourite being the Fenty gloss formula in the shade 'Fenty Glow'. This gloss is nice, but I prefer the Fenty alternative. I find that this one doesn't last as long. However, if collagen is a big selling point for you, this may be a better choice. I am personally not too interested in lip plumping products especially since I always line my lips. That being said, the shade is lovely, a rosy colour with a pink holographic sheen.

The Charlotte Darling Easy Eye Palette
I am still yet to play around with the second half of the palette so I can only comment on the first. When following the instructions on how to use the day eye shades, I had a very pretty sunset like look. All the shades are pretty, but my favourite has to be the first ‘prime’ shadow on the day eye side. The perfect brow bone and inner eye highlight. I have used this alongside the jewel eyes pot every day since buying it. I feel as though if you already have many nude tone eyeshadow palettes, this isn’t a need. But if you have a gap in your makeup collection, this is a great palette to own. 

K x


Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Why Pretty Little Thing's Black Friday Sale Is Scary

Everyone loves a deal, hence why Black Friday is so popular to begin with. I myself picked up some Charlotte Tilbury bits because of their promotion this year. But at what point does a low price cross the line from a bargain to unethical?

This year Pretty Little Thing introduced a 99% off sale, yes, you read that correctly. There are two sides to this, those who are upset they missed out on it and those who are upset it happened in the first place. Clothing on the website started from 4p and you could easily pack a trolley full for under a couple of pounds. It’s a tricky topic in the fact that it can be hard to turn down something that costs so little, especially when you're a student or having a lower income. I think the topic of sustainability is so dodged by some because they believe that there are expectations attached. But this really isn't the case when every little bit of help matters. The idea of becoming fully sustainable in every aspect of your life by tomorrow morning is unrealistic, this is something that will take a long time and there will always be something more you can do and something new to learn. The truth is sixteen-year-old me would have had ten Pretty Little Thing parcels delivered on Saturday 28th too. It was my job at Lush alongside educating myself through stories and articles that opened my eyes to the reality of the situation we are in, especially from a climate crisis point of view. 

It may be the business student inside speaking, but for a company to still profit from clothes the price of a corner shop lolly, their products are clearly made very cheaply. This means that the people making those products are paid very close to nothing. The reality of how much people are being paid in sweatshops really shines through when you see a pair of new trainers selling for 30p. This is petrifying. I was taught about sweatshops in geography back in year eight or nine, but they always used to sound so far away and almost nothing to do with our world. How ironic is it that it is our world dictating them. As a society, we can share charitable posts on social media regularly, but that means nothing if our indoor behaviour doesn't change. How can we promote anti-slavery charities on our feeds but then support a child's labour for a dress in our wardrobe? 

The environmental factor of this is just as baffling. We all recognise the PLT packaging, pink unicorn wrapping and then plastic bags per item inside. I have seen plenty of posts online of people showing their deliveries, the amount of packaging is immense. That plastic won't go anywhere and is very unlikely to be reused so it will just litter our planet further. A way to combat this would be to take inspiration from Zara, sending their parcels out in cardboard boxes or envelopes with just one piece of tissue paper around the entire order, not individual plastic bags. A fairly easy change to make but would reduce the number of thousands of unicorn bags in our landfills. The fact that fast fashion clothing isn't usually the highest quality is no secret, with many of the items being made mostly out of polyester. I am sure that a fair amount of the orders will be kept and worn, but how many were bought purely because they cost so cheap and will end up in the bin? Will people really go through the whole return process just to wait for a handful of pennies? 

It's not just Pretty Little Thing, a vast number of retailers source their clothing in an unethical manner, but this one in particular really stands out currently. It’s tricky to understand how the brand’s CEO can give out £20,000 on Twitter in return for retweets to ‘make as many people happy’ but doesn’t care about the treatment of people being paid peanuts to manufacture the company's clothing. There really is a lot contributing to the popularity of fast fashion. These brands pay the current trending influencers and stars to advertise their clothes, of course their fans will follow. Especially when you’re at a younger age and cannot grasp the reality and extent of the situation, why wouldn’t you buy the same dress your favourite reality star is wearing and raving about when it costs so little?

Completely eliminating fast fashion from your life may seem daunting, but there are many steps you can take in this direction that aren't an aching leap. For instance, if there is a particular piece on Boohoo that you like, see if someone is selling it second hand. The top two most popular brands on Depop are Topshop and Pretty Little Thing, you're very likely to find what you want on there. This enables you to still buy what you wanted at a low price, but you're not directly buying from the retailer. Now imagine if next time you're placing an order for three things, you buy one of the three second hand. That's a third of your order. You are prolonging the life of that piece of clothing. If more people sourced a third of their fast fashion order through the preloved market, we would reduce the amount of new unethical clothes being made. According to the House of Common Environmental Audit Committee in 2019, the textile production industry contributed more to climate change than international shipping and aviation combined. The scale of this issue is astronomical. Another thing you could do is reuse the packaging you receive. Give it another purpose. Whether you cut your address out and reuse your Misguided packaging to send out your own Depop sale or you use it as a general bin bag, it’s better than just throwing it out straight away. Also, it’s worth checking out Vestiaire Collective if you’re after some new pieces. You will be surprised at the price point of some items.

We are not expected to distance ourselves entirely with the very, very long list of stores that contribute to these issues. We are not expected to change our lives to be as sustainable as possible regarding every single situation later on this afternoon. We all have different areas relating to this we are more interested in, whether it is fighting animal cruelty or only shopping second-hand. But by taking a few steps towards limiting our use of fast fashion that seem quite small, the impact we will have is big.

K x


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Buying On Vestiaire Collective

I have now placed four orders on Vestiaire Collective throughout 2020, so I feel as though I am ready to give my honest review of the platform. For those who aren't yet familiar with it, Vestiaire Collective is a preloved market for luxury goods (with the few Zara bits thrown in there). The aspect that makes it different to the other secondhand sites such as eBay or Depop is that Vestiaire Collective is a third party actively involved in everything you buy or sell. This means that when something is sold, it goes to the company's offices and is authenticated before being sent to the buyer. This ensures that what you buy is genuine and gives you some peace of mind.

My first purchase was back in January. A beautiful black Gucci Boat Pochette. Over the first lockdown I treated myself to a Dolce and Gabanna cashmere sweater from their A/W19 collection and a gorgeous Ted Baker jacket. This was followed by my most recent purchase of Jimmy Choo Haywood boots. I like the platform hence why I use it. The fact that everything is checked before appearing on your doorstep is helpful. The purchase includes a delivery note with the name of who inspected it, confirmation of whether the origin has been verified and whether the item matches the description. 

The amount of items on the platform is impressive. If there is a particular dress or bag you're after, chances are that you will find ten in a mix of conditions from all over the world. This is brilliant as you can really pinpoint the item you want and to some extent, be as picky as you wish. The downside is that just browsing without a specific product in mind can be a bit overwhelming. ASOS is very similar in the way that there are thousands and thousands of products right in front of you, you can scroll for hours and not find something you like. I go through phases with this platform, I will either check it multiple times a day for two weeks or not open it for a few. 

The only other secondhand market I have purchased a luxury good from has been The Vintage Bar where I bought my Louis Vuitton Pochette. The nice thing about ordering from there was that all the items were photographed the same way, which you don't get when there are thousands of individual sellers. This does mean that not all photos are very clear or show exactly what you would like them to. However, you can always comment on the post and politely request more photos to be uploaded.

From my own personal experiences, I have found the sellers on Depop to be more helpful when selling. There are several messages regarding different items over the past eleven months I haven't received a reply on until this day. Maybe it's because most of the stock on Depop comes from highstreet retailers and many of the sellers are students and care more about their service and selling their items. However just like with everything, some people are an exception. For example when purchasing my four items, the sellers were replying instantly and helping me.

The delivery has been brilliant every time. On average I would wait around ten days for an item in Italy to be sent to Pairs and verified and then posted to me. Of course you can track at which stage your order is at. When buying from some sellers, you also have the choice of 'direct shipping' which means that the authentication stage is skipped. If you're buying something and you don't need it verifying, this will save you around £10. 

Overall, I enjoy shopping on Vestiaire Collective and I have been satisfied with my purchases. You can find truly good deals and help prolong the clothing's life. They usually offer £20 off your first £150 purchase through their app too.

K x


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Diana's Best Looks Which You Haven't Seen


As we await the release of the fourth season of The Crown, it's time to admire just a handful of Lady Diana's most iconic yet less known looks. It's true that the Princess' style is something many of us are familiar with, such as the symbolic 'Revenge Dress' but there are so many other beautiful creations she wore that deserve just as much recognition. Let's celebrate them together. 

The Ultimate Red Dress

Starting off with the bar raised very, very high is the red dress of all red dresses. I've only come across the photo twice, finding it on Harper's Bazaar. It baffles me how this look isn't one of her most known ones. The boldness of the colour and material choice harmonise together through the elegant and simple shape of the gown. The simplicity of Diana's subtle eye makeup paired with the red lip and earrings ties the look together in an effortlessly elegant way. However, this look is still so powerful.

The All Black

Lady Diana often wore monochrome looks but this has to be my favourite one. There is something empowering about wearing all black, even just during the day on your walk to buy some groceries. It's also an easy way to look chic.

The White Versace Moment

Okay, so this one you may have already seen. I love it too much for me to not include it. This dress is so simple and that's the key. The cut, the length, the colour and the gold detailing, all prove that less can be more. Loud dresses are fun and have a time when they shine, but that doesn't mean they overshadow the classics. 

The Real Life Aurora

There is no possibility of looking at this photograph and not thinking of the sleeping beauty. If this look was created or reworn nowadays, I see it walking hand in hand with Zendaya's Hilfiger Cinderella gown at the 2018 'Camp' Met Gala. It's unlike the red carpet looks our generation is used to, because even though the collar bones are displayed beautifully, the dress is still modest.

Which out of these four is your favourite?

K x


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The YSL Rive Droite Collection

 Our purchase histories this past year have been a true rollercoaster. From the uncertainty of what a lockdown means to companies offering appealing sales to keep the revenue, businesses have really had to think outside of the box with their releases.With Christmas soon approaching, new collections are going to be dropping left, right and centre. The 'Gift' section on every website is about to grow larger and it's easy to get a bit swept away with the amount of potential purchases. 2020 has taught us several lessons, one of them being to expect the unexpected. I came across Saint Laurent's new Rive Droite collection and I had to share it with you - whether as a gift guide or some treat yourself goods. 

The Rive Droite 'Goodies' category is gift central. If you're shopping for a fashion lover or someone who enjoys YSL's prints, this page is for you. This collection features all the random bits and bobs you need at some point, and some extras. A series of USB flash drives, bottle openers, disposable cameras, you name it. Granted some items seem gimmicky, they all share the Saint Laurent edge.

Here are some of my personal favourites from the collection.

A Juergen Teller Poster - £50

There are several posters of photographs shot by the German photographer Juergen Teller available but this one is my favourite. Featuring a shot representing the Summer 2020 campaign for YSL, the atmosphere reminds me of something hanging on Serena van der Woodsen's wall. The shoes, the colours, the warmth, wonderful.

The Black Cotton Tote Bag - £50
Black totes have become a staple in many people's lives, the ideal 'grab a few groceries' bag. Of course, they also have the sustainable element as they are a brilliant alternative for plastic bags. This collection offers multiple different phrases printed on the 100% cotton tote. Understandably not the most overwhelming design, but ideal if you rely on cotton totes regularly. Most are black with a white font, but this particular one is my favourite. Paired with a denim jacket, it's a look.

A very simple, classic phone case. This is the average price of a case at Apple so I consider this price point to be reasonable especially for a high end brand. Available in black, white and red, you can't really go wrong with it. It is clearly branded but without being in your face and won't clash with any monograms or logos from other brands. Also, these are made out of silicone so you do not have to worry about them chipping or snapping.

Pocket mirrors are a must have. Whether you need to make sure your mask is on straight, top up your mascara or fix your hair, mirrors are more reliable than a phone selfie camera. This is a lovely little gift, especially if the recipient enjoys animal print. Something very small but not restricted by age or trend. Just like with the phone cases, this is something branded without the logo shouting from the roof tops. You never know when you are going to need a mirror on the go. 

Which is your favourite?

K x


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Movies To Watch For Fashion Inspiration

 Since I dedicated a post to some of the best shows to watch for fashion inspiration, it’s time to shine the spotlight on movies that do the same. This is quite literally just the tip of the iceberg. The list of films exceeds the variety available just on Netflix. Very often when you think about movies with iconic style, you instantly gravitate towards Clueless and Legally Blonde. Those are classics and loved by pretty much all, but here’s the part of the list which isn’t as common. Put on your face mask, grab your gin glass and enjoy.

Salvare La Facia / Psychout for Murder

I adore this film. I have recommended it to a few people before but when they heard that it is Italian and they would have to rely on subtitles, they were discouraged to watch this. That is a very big shame. Growing up bilingual and in a foreign country, movies and shows with dubbing or subtitles are normal to me. I only really clock onto the fact there are multiple languages if something isn’t translated correctly and you think ‘huh, that’s not what the actor said in English’. It is true that English is a very common language but please don’t close the door to other arts just because they weren’t produced in America or England. The world of cinema goes far beyond Hollywood and the most common A-Z alphabet. You may have actually seen screenshots of this movie floating around online before. Licia’s style is unmatched. So colourful, bold, feminine and young.  Also, the storyline is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. That being said, I encourage you to watch a foreign film even if it is not this particular one. 

Notting Hill

Such an underrated movie by our generation. Young Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, I don’t really know what more you could ask for in a 90s movie. The particular fashion moment which stands out to me is Anna’s black leather jacket, black Chanel beret and black cat eye shades. A timeless look. Alongside this, it’s a very warm film to watch. A light-hearted romcom with no dark or deep storylines and classic outfits.

Cruel Intentions

I adore Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon so of course I had to include Cruel Intentions. It’s impossible to look at the corsets currently trending and not see Kathryn if you have previously watched this movie. My favourite of her looks has to be the brown/maroon toned dress with embroidered flowers. Another stand out moment is her black fedora with the black suit – timeless. However, all of her looks are just as dazzling. I haven’t yet met a person who watched this movie and didn’t like it.

Uptown Girls

Probably most known for young Dakota Fanning saying, ‘It’s a harsh world’, this movie is wonderful. Molly Gunn’s wardrobe is one I would happily spend some time in. The reason this movie made the list was the birthday dress. It is unlike anything you’ve seen before. The 2000s shape, the sequins, the bright colours contrasting the nude – amazing. This is one of those pieces you see on a screen and dream of wearing yourself. There are too many outfits in the movie that I could choose from. The embroidered and embellished denim dungaree dress deserves an honourable mention. Molly’s style was always fun and youthful. The white mini dress with the three cartoons is another example of this.

With a never-ending list of movies yet to see, these are a good place to start.

K x

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

University Students Guide To Sustainability

Sustainability is a topic that is becoming popular. And rightly so. Caring about our home has never been more important. I think that the word ‘sustainable’ seems to have many attachments to it and instantly appears to have a price tag. Yes, it is true that many sustainable brands can be expensive but spending hundreds of pounds for an ethically sourced item isn’t the only way you can look after the planet. The truth is that being sustainable doesn’t have to be costly, the key is to be resourceful. Being a university student and using ethical products are not mutually exclusive. Here are a few of my tips on how to do so based on my current favourite methods.

Shop Preloved

Purchasing second-hand items is such an easy and affordable way to care for our planet. By prolonging the life of these items, you're saving them from the tip. I've been searching the preloved markets since before I even started blogging, I don't know whether it's the natural curiosity in this business student about what's available or the part of me that loves a good deal. One of the positives that came out of this year is that many people my age have finally started appreciating charity and vintage shops. Around 350,000 tones of clothing ends in landfill every year in the UK alone. The Big Ben weighs 13.7 tonnes. With so much technology around us, we are surrounded with reselling platforms. Depop, eBay, Gumtree, Vestiaire Collective, you name it. It’s also a good idea to search the second-hand market for the fast fashion piece you have your eye on. I understand that the thought of completely cutting ties with the current popular retailers is daring, so why not purchase a piece from them that someone else no longer wants? You will extend the life of the item of clothing, still pay a very low price and not contribute to the retailer directly. Depop alone has tens of thousands of pieces from Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing and Misguided to name a few.  Even if you only manage to order a third of your order second hand, you have still minimised the amount you ordered directly from the sweatshops.

Reuse Packaging

This is by far the easiest alteration you can make in your day-to-day life. I remember learning about reusing, reducing and recycling in primary school but for some reason that quote only associated with plastic bottles in my mind. The truth is that this applies to so many objects around us.  I’m sure that during this year you have ordered plenty of parcels. What did you do with the packaging they came in? Instead of binning it straight away, give it another purpose. Cut out your address, grab some tape and pop the top you just sold on Depop inside. I also recommend doing this with any plastic bags you have from any shopping trips. Not sending out any post? No worries, hide your address and use the wrapping as a general bin bag.

Minimise Your Need for Plastic Bags

Just buy yourself one of those totes at the checkout for a couple of pounds. Not only are they reusable and will last you a very long time, they also fit more and won’t split in half mid walk home. For those interested in a more fashionable alternative, the internet is filled with cotton tote bags. From independent businesses that opened during lockdown personalising totes to worldwide companies such as Lush selling them, you will find one you like. Carrying a reusable bag really is a simple step to introduce into your routine. A one-off, small purchase that ensures you do not need to rely on plastic alternatives. 

Naked Products

Next time you need to buy soap, go for a bar instead of a bottle. Simple. There is a vast number of naked products available- shampoo bars, facial cleansers, makeup brush cleaners. My personal favourite are hair conditioner bars, they last so long. I let the temperature of the steam soften it slightly before applying directly to my hair. However, you can also create a lather in your hands like with soap and then coat your hair in it. Personal preference.  The packaging free product market is growing every day, you can even buy reusable makeup pads that you wash in-between uses rather than throw away. It’s worth your time to see what’s available and decide what suits you best. Very often the solid alternatives last longer than the liquid version too.

Of course, this is just the beginning of a very long list. We all still have a long way to go and as time goes on, new possibilities will become available to us. As long as we are reasonable and resourceful, making slight alternations in our lifestyle shouldn’t be too bumpy.

K x


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

House of Cb Must Haves

Oh, House of CB, where do I even begin? I have been a regular customer for over a year now therefore I know I can offer an unbiased, unsponsored, real review. This is my favourite brand, if you were to ask me where I think you should buy a true treat for yourself, it would undoubtably be House Of CB. The brand’s online presence is very heavy, and you often hear Youtubers claiming so much about this label, and I’m here to confirm it all. The quality is unreal, the fits are breathtaking and the designs are the hottest on the market. I am very lucky to own and have worn many pieces from the fun numbers such as Katrin, Gia and Ella to the elegant timeless ones such as Carlotta and Loretta. Using my love and long relationship with the brand, I present to you the top must have pieces that are currently available online. 



I have had my heart set on this dress ever since it was released. A 2020 version of Mariah Carey's dress from the 1991 Grammy Awards. The energy it radiates is something that I needed. Take your classic little black dress but increase the levels of extra and class. This dress makes me think of one of my favourite films – Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Despite Holly’s dress being longer, having a different neckline and no rhinestone detailing, Gloriana also emits a rich feeling. This is a piece that will never go out of style, will not look dated and can literally be passed down. This dress will receive the same reaction tomorrow as it would in twenty years time. This is yet another reason why Gloriana is worth her £139 price tag. My relationship with mini lengths is love or hate, but not with this brand since the material is thick and sturdy. This means that the dress doesn’t rise up when walking or dancing but stays the same length. The same principle applies to the black velvet and gold sequin mini dress Silvaja from a few seasons ago.


Silva Corset Top


This is piece probably takes the title of the most beautiful item in my wardrobe. When I look at this, I see Hailey Bieber's wedding rehearsal dress designed by Vivienne Westwood. The shape also reminds me of the upper half of my Loretta dress, so I knew I was going to love it. This statement top retails for £69 and currently is only available in this pearl ivory. First of all, the colour is wealthy. The chic ivory colour palette is often connotated with class. Likewise, the material choice of satin is unforgettable. Wearing this corset makes me feel like I’m at my wedding reception or having dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower. House of CB is rightly known for their structure and boning and this lives up to the reputation, the clothes cinch you in and flatter every aspect of your figure. The sleeves and neckline are what completely sold me on this piece, the heavy straps carefully laying on your shoulders whilst displaying your décolletage effortlessly. I have seen many looks created with this corset and a pair of jeans but for my non jean wearers, black cigarette trousers or a black satin bias cut midi skirt will look just as good.




Here we have another little black dress; this one makes me feel like a modern day 1950s movie star. I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is that gives me this feeling, but I can easily picture this piece with a chunky jewel or pearl necklace, red lip, Hollywood curls and a white fur shawl. But for a lighter alternative, a Lily Rose Depp makeup look with any accent colour of your choice and it is just as much of a showstopper. The asymmetric shape is eye catching, yet it is cut in a soft way especially when compared to Oh Polly’s ‘One Night Only’ which is a lot more dramatic. House of CB dresses are so commonly loved because they really do fit your body like a glove through the way they are made. For instance, ChouChou features a bra like back closure under the dress zip itself, this ensures your bust is well fitted and secure. The simplicity of this dress is what makes it timeless, it is plain and subtle yet will be noticed by everyone – a real example of less is more. If you are after the rhinestone energy that Gloriana radiates, I recommend pairing ChouChou with the black Charme belt. This number can still be bought online for £129.

I do not doubt that this list will grow with further collections since Conna Walker never fails to amaze me.

K x


Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Your Depop Guide

An advantage of everyone being forced to stay at home this year is the increase of people using second-hand platforms such as Depop. The list of little improvements to increase your chances of sales is fairly long so I decided to focus on the most important points first. Enjoy your Depop Guide Volume One. 


This is arguably the most important tip. You have to respond to messages as quick as you can. If you ignore the message and take a while to reach back, the person may have already ordered the same top you’re selling from someone else. Likewise, make sure you clear and polite. People won’t want to give their money to someone who was rude to them. A little really does go a long way. Wishing someone a lovely week at the end of the conversation will spread the good energy and put you in a good light. Regarding the clearness, this just makes the conversation smoother. If you’re asked a question and don’t answer it directly, someone will either go elsewhere or you’re just prolonging the conversation as they will have to repeat themselves. 


You need to take good quality photos of the items you’re selling. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to use a Canon, just make sure that your item is clean and that if it is a pair of clothing, that it is not creased. Make sure that the lighting is alright, ideally shoot the pictures in natural daylight. You want the entire frame to be clean and focus on the product you’re selling. 


There are two ways to handle this. If you’re a small business or sending a gift, it will be worth your while to put in effort when packing your orders. Receiving a parcel with hearts or flowers drawn on it will get you a smile on the other side of the country. When selling jewellery, I will make sure the package looks as presentable as possible but most of the time I am just rehoming clothes in which case I reuse whatever I can find. This means that if I have any packaging from parcels that I have received, I will cut out my address and use. This gives that piece of plastic which would have ended up in the bin one more purpose. Honestly, as long as you have tape, you’re good to go.

Thank You Notes

Referring back to spreading good energy, this is so important. Whether you are a small business selling resin or just selling the one-off pair of shoes, it is a very sweet gesture. These do not have to be super fancy and printed out, it can just be a handwritten note. It costs nothing but thirty seconds to make someone’s day in this case. Over summer I bought a vintage Monsoon sweater and received a packet of chocolates with it – brilliant. 

Ask for A Review

This may seem quite daunting, but many people do this. Reviews are crucial no matter what you’re using your Depop for. If someone views your profile and can see you have sold five items but still have no reviews, they may feel the need to shop elsewhere. We are all like that. If two profiles were to sell the exact same product for the exact same price but one seller had one review that was two stars and the other had only five-star reviews, it’s almost natural that we would choose the latter option. There are a few ways to ask for a review delicately. You can do so in your thank you note, you can request one when showing someone their proof of postage or by asking them to message you when the order arrives and when they do, casually mention it. 

With these little adjustments, your shop should start taking off.

K x



Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Tips For New Bloggers

 I've been blogging since the age of eleven. Over the last eight years, I've done everything myself. Back in 2012, it wasn't too common for blogging courses to be taught, even more so for eleven year olds starting their own. Unfortunately the interest in reading blogs is going downhill compared to the peak back in years such as 2014 where we rushed to read Zoe Sugg's latest monthly favourites. Many people nowadays prefer swiping photos on social media and scanning through the short captions rather than investing time in reading lengthy content. It is sad. But things change all the time. It is easier and quicker to search up an influencer and just look at what they've been wearing recently through their latest pictures instead of reading an entire blog post. I do believe that there are other souls out there that prefer the written content and find joy in reading an article in a magazine or on a blog. I compiled a list of tips and tricks I have picked up over the years. For the handful out there that wish to start this journey themselves, this is for you.

Write For Yourself

Seems obvious, but is ever so easy to not do. Focus on what you're interested in and what you would like to read about. If you find a few people out there who share the same joy, that's brilliant. If you haven't yet, don't worry. Whether you want to be a food blogger and document your diet, share your fashion views with others or admire cars and want to dedicate a web page to them, you are free to do so. Trends are good in their own way but don't follow what is popular at the moment if it is not something you are interested in.

Research Which Platform You Want To Use

There are many. The most commonly used platforms are Blogger, WordPress, Wix and SquareSpace. Each has their own set of advantages and disadvantages, ranging from complexity to pricing and design. I use Blogger, it is the one that was the easiest for my eleven year old brain to wrap around as it is very straightforward to use. You won't need any guidance or support in uploading a post using this platform. Also, it's free to use. The only charges I ever faced where my custom domain and custom templates which were add ons I chose myself. However if there is anything I learnt from my one and only economics lesson in college, it is that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Yes Blogger is quick and simple, but it is very plain. I've edited their own themes in every way I could think of, purchased a theme from Etsy and now have one from PipDig and there are still limitations to what I can do with this site. This platform has many design limitations, however readers or new bloggers probably won't pick up on this. You can migrate between different platforms in the future however it is very complex to do. The possibility to pay for the migration service is there, however it will cost you between £150 and £200. It's easier to choose a platform you like before putting yourself in that position. 

If You Want A Fancy Template, Buy One From Etsy

Etsy is flooded with creative minds who design templates for blogs. Whether you use Blogger, WordPress or any of the others, you will find something on Etsy. You don't need a super snazzy and expensive template, especially when you're just starting out. I've spent the majority of my eight years on Blogger's own templates and a very affordable one I bought from Etsy back in 2017. This summer I invested in a PipDig template as I've dreamed of one since finding out that is the software that InTheFrow and Zoella use, but I was much happier with my previous choice. Many Etsy templates are around the £10-£15 mark and are often on sale. As long as you choose a seller with high reviews, you should be pretty impressed. Many help with the installation for free if you wish, however the process is easy enough for you to do yourself when following their instructions. Also, templates are not a subscription. You pay once and use without expiration on your website. Don't pressure yourself into purchasing a more expensive template just because of the brand at the bottom that most people don't notice anyway.

Change is Natural

As with everything in life, change is bound to happen. Same with blogs. You're allowed to wake up one day and want to take your website down a different path. Those of you who have been with me since the beginning will remember the 'Teens New World' days with a silver boombox radio as a background of a page dedicated to Movie Star Planet and whatever thoughts came through my head. Your interests ae bound to shift at some point. Despite needing my loom band tutorial and phone case wish list days to get me to where I am currently, I prefer focusing on other topics now.

Make Sure Your Images Are Their Original Size

This point deserves to be shouted from the rooftops. When adding photographs to your post, click on their sizing and ensure you select 'Original Size'. This means that your photo won't be stretched or 'pixelly' when the blog post goes up. It is the easiest way for your image to achieve the best quality. Sometimes photos need a bit of polishing up regarding their brightness but you don't have to professionally edit your photos for your website. Especially when you're starting out. 

And last but not least, have fun. We are living in very stressful times and this is a wonderful way to relax whilst being productive.

K x


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Best Series To Watch For Fashion Inspiration

I know you have probably spent the majority of your 2020 binge watching shows, so why not spice it up? I have compiled a list of the best Netflix, 4OD and Amazon Prime shows to watch for major fashion inspiration.


You’ve either heard of it and love it or you’re about to watch it for the first time and love it. Fallon’s outfits truly radiate boss lady energy. Her looks prove that you can look powerful and feminine at the same time. I also really like that many of her outfits are very bright and colourful which show that you can wear some of the brightness in the office. This is by far the wardrobe I would like to own most.


A Spanish high school drama. Imagine Gossip Girl but with murder rather than an anonymous submission website. The outfits are great and cater to many different styles. My personal favourite has to be Lucrecia. It's the pearls and Blair Waldorf Inspired hair accessories. Just look at her outfits, so glamorous and feminine.

Cable Girls

A couple of years ago I went through a very strong love for this show, the plotline itself is brilliant. Set in Spain in the late 1920s, you already know you’re going to witness elegance. I am automatically drawn to any story that features powerful women, even more so when the same people empower others. If you’re fancying a break from shows set in current society, I highly recommend you give this one a go.

Killing Eve

Of course, Villanelle had to find her way onto this list. Loud colours, bold patterns, strong shapes. One of my personal favourites was her Oxford outfit in episode 5 of season 2, giving very strong Ralph Lauren vibes. Such a simple colour palette that always looks clean and put together.  Obviously the puffy two shades of pink moment in Amsterdam in the prior episode has to be mentioned. The gold chunky earrings compliment the pink tones wonderfully. The horse blazer is another unforgettable moment.


Last but not least, I could not write this post without featuring Buffy. With so many badass outfits, she has an entire blog post already dedicated to her. Whether you prefer an all-leather look or some pink flowy patterns, you’re bound to want to recreate at least a handful of Buffy’s outfits. I am a big fan of Buffy’s wardrobe as it shows that your style can be quite wide. Yes, you can wear red leather trousers with a zipped up black leather jacket today and then a blue satin skirt tomorrow. 

K x


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Eight Years Online


Those of you who have been here since the beginning (or have read my 'About Me' page) know that Chic and Grooves isn't my first venture. Yes, this particular name was established during the initial lockdown but this tiny corner of the internet has been mine for nearly a decade. Join me as I share my story on its eighth birthday. 

Close your eyes, it's 2012 again. There is no mention of Covid-19, Freddos cost 20p, Company Magazine is still publishing. It was a completely different world. My childhood best friend was the one who introduced me to the possibility of blogging, telling me I would 'love it'. Noor had her own blog, dedicated to her very strong love for Movie Star Planet. It was truly the coolest thing an eleven year old could imagine. This was back when Youtubers and Bloggers ruled the world, before the TikTok stars and reality influencers. Yes, images were a big part of the website (or Movie Star Planet screenshots should I say), but it was the words that mattered the most. In the summer after finishing primary school, I received my first laptop and this was the green flag to create my own space.

There isn't much an eleven year old knows about blogging, or the internet for that matter. Apart from Noor, there wasn't much guidance available so it was all truly from my mind and heart. I didn't research different blogging platforms, Blogspot was the only one I knew. The original name was 'TeensNewWorld', since I was still so overjoyed about hitting those double digits in age. When I say that my page was as though someone grabbed a paintbrush and just dipped into my soul, I mean it. A photo of a silver boombox repeated around twelve times as the background featuring a header banner I created myself on Paint with Movie Star Planet characters and Cher Lloyd. In other words, the definition of 'cool' back in 2012. I reviewed music videos, wrote in-depth reports about Movie Star Planet and expressed my love for the up and coming popstars. It blew my mind that my thoughts were being read all over the globe.

This then led to the birth of 'Beautie Bloggy', arguably a worse name than the original. I wanted my page to have more of a theme. These are now the Zoella days on the internet, monthly favourites and Bethany Mota's DIY halloween costumes. It was Miss MacBarbie07 who inspired me to write about my own DIY halloween outfit and magically, my minion logo stencil post was read over six thousand times. This absolutely blew my mind.  This was the marble background and lilac accents phase. My blog had always been something very close to my heart, because no matter whether it was a loom band tutorial or an outfit of the day post, I always put in my entire heart into my work. This led to my website being quite private and not necessarily common knowledge. At the age of fifteen, some people from my school found my corner of the internet and took it apart. I was heartbroken, I didn't understand why one of my greatest achievements and interests was a laughing matter. All was well in the end though as my site needed some redesigning anyways, which led to 'K's Yesterdays'. 

This stage was needed. 'K's Yesterdays' was created during a time I had so many questions for the universe. How do you deal with heartbreak? How do you find a greater source of positive energy? How on earth do you deal with UCAS? I spent those three or four years dealing with stress regarding all those topics, so I tried to help others in the same situation by analysing my experiences. This was without doubt my most 'philosophical' phase, but doesn't every seventeen/eighteen year old go through that? This website was the first time I felt like a real blogger. I searched online for a template to buy. My mum and I went halves on a very cute design on Etsy, it had a slider, widgets on the top and bottom and the look of something special. I actually designed the header myself whilst sat in my GCSE Art lesson. I used my watercolours and swished the paintbrush on some card which I then scanned onto the computer systemI remember sitting in a revision class and photoshopping the name 'K's Yesterdays' onto the paint. Slowly but surely, I worked in order to build the page up to look exactly how I envisioned it. And for the few years it was around, this truly was my pride and joy but sometimes you need a breath of fresh air, which leads us to where we are now.

I actually wrote a post titled 'My Blogging Journey So Far' back in December 2018 where I shared my little story and finished it by saying 'I cannot wait until I move to university and have some more time to base my blog from a  fashion point of view, by then I will hopefully have Elle Woods' wardrobe and be walking around either in vintage blouses or pink outfits every day.' I dug the now drafted post out today when working on this piece and it made me feel very warm inside. A year and a half after that sentence I rebranded yet again as Chic and Grooves, doing exactly what I said I hope I would. Writing about fashion and some elements of life from a woman's point of view, no longer a new teenager's. And as for the vintage blouses and pink clothes around campus, I can confirm this manifestation also came true as I rocked both of my pink suits to lectures last year before the doom of lessons on Zoom took over. I purchased a domain for the first time and a big label template from PipDig. This website grew up alongside me and will continue to do so.

I guess the message to take from this ramble is to follow your interests, no matter how random they seem or how many people think they're weird. Imagination and ambition are the key directions to any bright road.

K x


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Uncommon University Tips

University is an experience like no other. I know I’m not the only that has watched countless YouTube videos about realities and expectations, room tours and everything in between. And even though that information is important and needed to be heard, not all topics are covered.  Out of the subjects that seem less common to be discussed, these are the top university tips are often missed out.

Wear whatever you want


University is often the first-place people feel like the can express their individuality, whether it is through their room décor or subject choice. I regularly hear people online saying statements such as ‘don’t ring heels to uni’ but why not? If you want to wear something, wear it. Yes, university life in general isn’t the most glamorous and it is socially acceptable to wear vans or air force ones with dresses but if that’s not you, that’s totally fine. Want to wear moonboots to your lectures? Stilettos to brunch? You do you. Going back to the heels example, wearing them boosts my confidence drastically and so far, I’ve managed not to break either of my legs so why should I sop wearing them just because they are not the number one shoe choice? I assure you that whether you study in comfy loungewear or a blazer and skirt two piece, everyone is too busy with their own business to mind or judge. 


Can’t find a society you like? Start your own


Granted this will be a lot easier for students that aren’t freshers, but don’t be discouraged. Societies really are a brilliant way of meeting new people, whether you’re living in student accommodation or commuting. It’s so helpful to meet new people who share the same interest as you. I have just finished my first year of university in which I was briefly in two different societies which gave me the opportunity to meet a lot more people than if I would not have branched out. However, my ideal society would be revolved around fashion and my university currently doesn’t offer that, so I applied to start it from scratch myself. Fingers crossed, everything will be approved, and I will be able to create a fashion network within the campus where I study and live. And even if it doesn’t work out, I’m granted to meet at least a few new friends on this journey. Just because something doesn’t exist does not mean it cannot be done.


Don't be afraid to try things out by yourself

Probably the first university tip anyone will give you is to join societies. And rightly so, it's one of the easiest ways to meet new people and even if you don't become the besets of friends, at least you now have more familiar faces around campus. But if there is an event or society you're interested in and you don't know anyone else who fancies it, go by yourself! Seems daring indeed, but I assure you that you won't be the only one in this situation. 

Set up a Depop account


Bargains aside, you can earn yourself. Of course, you can list day to day clothes but don’t forget fancy dress costumes from socials. Chances are that at some point you are going to need some groovy or spooky outfit that you may never need again, so pop it on Depop and help out a student who is in need of one just like it. You’d be surprised how many outfits from previous socials can be found on the preloved market. Likewise, if you’re after one yourself, it’s worth checking Depop before Amazon.

Of course with Covid-19 glooming over us, university life will now probably look different to how it used to, but that doesn't mean it has to mean any less. Enjoy a photo from one of my favourite evenings out with my best friend.

K x



Sunday, July 26, 2020

What To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your First Designer Bag

 Purchasing your first designer bag is an unforgettable experience. The market is continuously growing meaning that more and more designs and trends are hitting the streets. Likewise, so is the preloved market. Before buying my first Gucci bag, I surfed the internet looking for tips to ensure I was making the right choice, now I'm sharing my favourites with you.

Do your research


Whether you’re buying your bag brand new or on the preloved market, it’s important to see how the bag will hold up in the future. ‘Wear and Tear’ and review videos on YouTube are brilliant for this, as this is exactly what their purpose is. I also recommend searching up the same bag on places like Vestiaire Collective, this will allow you to examine photographs carefully and see how long lasting the product really is. 

The Exterior Material


This is crucial and heavily dependent on what you plan on using your bag for. My first luxury bag was the Gucci Boat Pochette. Despite adoring this bag, I do not wear it often because I am worried about damaging the canvas. With British weather, you can never be fully certain whether or not the rain will start pouring down soon, this bag wasn’t created to be used in this weather. Of course, the first few times the rain hits, the damage (if any) will be minimal. However, with the exposure to such conditions growing, so does the wear and tear. If you are after a day-to-day handbag, the more sensible choice will be leather or patent, as It will be more durable, and you can lightly wash off any marks meaning you won’t be left with stains.




The concept of trends goes one of two ways – either you hop on a trend and the item will look dated to that particular year (such as Alexander Wang’s Rocco studded bag in 2014) or you find a trend that includes features that have always been in your style so you maximise the use of the goods available. The Rocco bag is just one example of pieces that initially take people back to a particular time and atmosphere. The Prada nylon reeditions will always initially remind people of 2020, just lie Louis Vuitton’s Multi Pochette. If you are someone who always wants to appear to be in the current trend, classic shapes and designs are the safes best as they are timeless. Bags such as Chanel’s 2.55 or Louis Vuitton’s Alma aren’t specific to one time in history and they look just as beautiful today as they did ten years ago. Classic prints are a safe bet, and usually work with a lot more in your wardrobe. However, this is no rule. If you’re a pastel soul and have been waiting for a collection in this specific colour palette to drop, Gucci’s multicolour pastel range may be more you than the same products in black. This is just a good point to consider, but not necessarily a rule to follow.


The size


Each bag we have serves a different need. For the past three years I’ve been using a cream patent tote from Ralph Lauren to college/university and to work, its large enough to fit my laptop and a few more things. Because it’s so large, I really wanted a smaller bag to just carry my phone, mask and hand sanitiser. Initially I had my eye on Louis Vuitton’s mini Pochette Accessories, but that wouldn’t fit my phone, so I knew it probably wasn’t the smartest choice as I always carry my phone. Instead, I managed to find the larger version of the same Pochette on The Vintage Bar. You need to calculate the size of the bag you need to see which size you’ll; get the most wear out of – buying a clutch if u already have multiple clutches you love and wear regularly may mean that a cross body for the day is a better choice.




Of course, the colour is just as important as everything else. This links into the trend and dated looks debate as well as the practicality. Neutral colours are usually the safest bet, as the colours are always in style and will suit most of the pieces in your wardrobe. This being said, there is no rule against buying a piece in your favourite colour no matter how wild and adventurous it is.  It’s just something worth considering.

And most importantly, cheers to your new bag.

K x


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Buffy Summers' Best Looks

Despite airing over two decades ago, Buffy the Vampire Slayer remains a cult classic and favourite. Alongside the gripping story line for any mythical lover, the style from the show is just as inspiring as it was back in 1997. The 90s have been the backbone behind many Highstreet collections over the past few years and many of the iconic looks are integrated into our everyday life – from claw clips to slip dresses. The truth is that shows in the 90s produced many style icons, most popular being Rachel Green from Friends but Buffy Summers’ looks are just as memorable. Whether she was off to dance at The Bronze or out patrolling, Miss Summers constantly served looks.

Black Dress and Black Boot Duo

Of course, I must start with the black dress, black boot combo. I’m a very big fan of black dresses, every lady should own a few. Buffy is known for both very colourful and all black effortless looking outfits. The plainness and subtlety of the material with the short-cupped sleeves makes it the ideal day to day piece, whilst still suiting a pair of stilettos for a dinner. Likewise, black boots surely aren’t going anywhere. Likewise, the square neck number pictured in the middle is a staple for any evening occasion. Whether you’re a high heel or chunky platform soul, black boots remain the pair of shoes that are always wanted. 

Buffy's Leather Jacket Collection

Another Buffy staple has to be a leather jacket, over the course of the seven seasons we see her rocking many, the most famous probably being Angel’s black oversized one that appears in season one. As well as the iconic white prom dress with the black leather jacket look from the finale of the same season, of course. The reality of leather jackets is that they do not ‘go out of style’ as they truly look good on everyone. Probably one of the most known leather jacket moments was when Zara released their coloured biker faux leather jackets back. Few years ago – baby pink, burgundy, mustard and blue. The hype around that particular shape and colour palette may seem dated, but the variations of leather jackets is never ending. My favourite leather jacket is from NA-KD, it’s a chocolate brown double-breasted faux leather piece with a belt buckle in the middle which tightly cinches you in. The amounts of compliments I have received on this jacket is pretty surreal, I was once even told that I reminded someone of Buffy whilst wearing it. Unfortunately, this particular piece has now sold out since I bought it over a year ago, but NA-KD-s leather jacket collections in general are worth checking out.

Cute Prints

Even though Buffy rocks many badass looks, she often wore the giriiest prints out there. From pink cheetah print to cherries, we regularly saw the slayer embracing her softer side. Over the lockdown summer we have seen a strong increase in popularity in ‘y2k’ trends and cute prints on everything, such as those adorable patterned Motel Rocks slip dresses many girls have been strutting around in. Floral and animal prints in particular are always ‘in’ and loved by many. The cherry print is my personal favourite, its easy to get boxed in and think the pattern world ends at plaid, animals and flowers. Buffy is proof that these prints can look good on anybody, even if you’re not a stereotypical girly-girl.

The truth is that this post is just the tip of the iceberg. Buffy teaches us countless fashion tips throughout the seven seasons, alongside other gurus such as Cordelia and Faith.

What are your favourite Buffy looks?

K x


Sunday, July 19, 2020

Styling Little Black Dresses For The Day

Oh, the little black dress, where do we begin? As far as wardrobe staples go, LBDs can definitely be classed in this category. Wearing one is such a simple way to look elegant and classy in such an effortless way. I find that pretty much everyone uses or has at least heard of the term, but most purely connotate it with evening outfits. And whilst you cannot go wrong with a black dress when the sky is dark, there is no reason why these pieces should be limited to that time. Here are three simple ways to rock a little black dress on the daily.

With a hat


Now this particular dress does have a strong drinks feeling about it. You can easily imagine it with a pair of stilettos and a matching clutch. I bought this dress because it reminded me of Vikki Dougan’s iconic backless black midi moment in 1957. Of course, there are a few differences, but the similarity between the long sleeves, open back with a clasp on a strap and covered front made me put this number in my basket. Yes, backless outfits are stereotypically more evening approved, however this is no different than wearing a halter. Similarly, the modest appearance remains due to the high coverage on the front. This on its own with a pair of kitten heels would work great for a lunch date, but since we are on the theme of accessories, we cannot forget the classic – hats. Whether its Dorothy Malone in 1956’s Written on The Wind or Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961, we can find plenty of proof that a black hat paired with a black midi dress is a timeless look. In order to spice up the outfit further, I removed the black ribbon the hat originally came with and swapped it for a Chanel ribbon. The hat is from ASOS.

With tights


I adore a dress and tights duo. I bought this dress last autumn in Zara and I have worn in countless times. The main focus is on the mid length balloon sleeves but since the dress is very tight fitting, the shapes of both elements complement each other well. Whilst being extremely flattering, there is nothing to stop this dress from being worn in the daytime. This dress is actually knitted, which makes it both warm and comfortable. To carry on the warm and comfortable trend, I paired this piece with a pair of polka dot tights from Boux Avenue. Now these can be styled both for day and night-time but pieced together with a knitted dress make a gorgeous light sky look. And just with those two pieces, I managed to out together an outfit that looks like a lot more than it actually is – a plain black dress and patterned tights. Another advantage of this duet is the fact that even though cute loafers march, some ankle boots do just as much. This type of outfit makes me feel like Adrienne La Russa in 1969’s Psychout for Murder. Paired with my Gucci boat pochette and black low heel sling backs from Zara, you’re ready to hit the shops.  

With a blazer


I adore blazers, I have lost count of how many I currently own. Their biggest advantage is that they hold a very smart look and throwing one on can transform an outfit. Black dresses already carry class with them, so pairing them with a blazer emphasises this further. This gives me a strong off duty supermodel vibes, especially with a low bun and a pair of black sunglasses on. This Zara dress works perfectly for this, its simple therefore the blazer won’t be taking anything away from it. Since the dress is plain, I decided to pair it with a velvet blazer that has satin lapels. The mix of textures will prevent the outfit from looking flat and add a further level to it. In order to compliment the satin lapels, I added my 'Charme' black crystal belt from House Of CB. Adding this piece also gives the look more shape, as the waist is highlighted under the blazer. The jacket itself is from Topman that I picked up in a charity shop a while back, an absolute steal.

How are you going to wear little black dresses during the day?

K x


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