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University - living at home vs moving out

For those that choose a university close to their home town, the 'do I move out or stay at home?' debate can be very difficult. Both sides of the argument have their clear advantages and disadvantages, so from a girl who has experienced both, here is my view.

Living at home

I decided to stay at home as soon as I got accepted into my university choice, I didn't consider moving out as it is local to my home town.


- It is more affordable. 
This is no secret, even if you do pay rent and utilities, you already have many things at home that you would probably buy extra for university. Anything from pots and pans to a tv license.
- More time with your family.
Some people aren't ready for such a large jump and move out, and that's okay. It's not for everybody at the age of eighteen.
- Less chores
At university, you have to do everything yourself, from cooking to laundry and everything in between. These tasks are not that big at all, but they are there.
- Seems easier. 
It does. Some people fear the idea of being thrown into a new building with strangers and being told they have to live there, when you stay at home you have the comfort that goes alongside it. 


- Commuting.
Just like all other points, this varies depending on our situation. Despite university being a thirty minute drive from me, I don't drive and would have to take four buses a day to get to and from university. It was exhausting, especially getting a bus at 6:50 to make sure I'm on time for a 9am lecture. if this applies to you, maybe try commuting the journey to and from university a few times (when it is safe to do so) to see if you can deal with it daily.
- Meet less people
This was also something that I felt greatly. I love meeting new people and I just didn't manage to when I lived at home. I made the effort to talk to strangers in lectures and sign up to societies but because my journey home was quite long, it was difficult and its quite hard to describe exactly why.
- Potentially cannot attend everything you want. 
When you don't live right next to university, chances are that for some reasons you may not be able to go to everything you want to. Whether the reason is transport or even just having somewhere to stay afterwards, this is an issue.

Moving out

Living at home didn't work out for me. I moved out about a month and a half into my freshers year, it was the best decision I have ever made. 


- Independence / life skills. 
You will naturally learn a lot, you will become more independent without realising.
- Meet a lot more people.
I have met so many people in the first week of moving into my accommodation. Not only do you meet your flat/house mates, but their friends and partners. Whether you end up becoming friends with these people or not, you will meet them regardless.
- On site. 
Every accommodation is different, but they all will be whim a reasonable distance from the university. These areas are always catered to students, you will have food shops etc and other services you will need in attempt to make it as easy as possible for you.
- Uni life
A very big advantage of university in general is the university lifestyle around it. Everybody's experience will differ, but the university life aspect is definitely there. Whether its baking with your flatmates at 3am and building blanket forts or being angry that your neighbours are drinking and partying all night, it is very specific. One of my favourite university memories was when my flatmates surprised me only birthday but decorating my bedroom door, our kitchen and baking me a cake.


This can also be a disadvantage because this can be scary. And that's okay. 
- Costs more than staying at home. 
This isn't a hidden fact, the student lifestyle isn't associated with luxury, but it really doesn't need to be. The most important things most spend on apart from their rent are food shops, nights out and the takeaways after the night out. You don't need anything else.
- Can feel home sick. 
 This is a very big change, from seeing those you live with everyday to the rare occasion they come to visit. I know some people the same age as me who are not ready to take this step at such a young age and I know people the same age who have wanted this for years. Both are okay.
- Big change. 
This is a very big change, some anxiety and stress probably will go hand and hand with it. Also very normal. But you have to remember that probably most of those at uni are feeling the exact same, or at least haven't one earlier.

If you have the possibility of moving out, I would highly recommend. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages in my eyes, plunge in the deep end. However, I do know that not everyone has as lovely experiences with flatmates as I do and after all, you will be signing a legal document when it comes to your accommodation. The choice is tricky, but definitely do not disregard this opportunity straight away.

K x
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