Sunday, December 3, 2023

Florida to Bahamas Day Trip

 Did you know that you can actually book a day trip to the Bahamas from Florida? Well, you can. I used the ferry company Balearia. I had a good experience, no complaints. 

You pop on a ferry at Fort Lauderdale, go through customs and then a few hours later you're in the Caribbean. I ended up going by myself to Bimini for 7 hours total, which may seem ridiculously hectic to some but extremely appealing to me. For a return journey, I paid just below $185 (including a discount from a random code I scouted online which magically worked). The trip took 2 hours each way and the views were as gorgeous as expected. Thinking about it $92.50 for a 2 hour ride on the ocean is worth it. 

The thing I enjoyed most about this was being able to experience something completely different. Granted Bimini probably differs from the main island, but I was so amazed by the fact that golf carts were just everywhere. Another thing I found peculiar was the lack of souvenirs. I found the odd shot glass, but nothing compared to the filled market stalls you'd imagine. 

This was an extremely long day however. I set off in the middle of the night to catch my coach from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, leaving enough time to get to the port and go through security in time for a 9am departure. The entry onto the ferry was very quick, but unfortunately going through border control on the way back took hours. My coach also left early so I had to wait out my time at Fort Lauderdale airport and catch one at 4am the next morning. With just a summer dress, Prada crossbody bag and my phone, I was just in need of a warm nap at that point. That being said, I look back on that adventure as one of my favourites.

One thing worth remembering is that if you're not a US citizen, you will need a visa to renter the states. My J1 expired as soon as I set off to the Bahamas, so I made sure to apply and pay for an ESTA a few days before. It's actually way less hassle than it seems at first, I promise.

Overall, would I recommend this expensive but once in a lifetime day trip? Yes. I am a big day trip advocate as I usually find myself getting a bit bored of places after a few days.

Would 7 hours in the Caribbean be enough for you?

K x

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