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People call me K, I like that a lot. A snappy monosyllabic abbreviation of my longer and very Polish name. I like many other things too, anything pink or with good energy is bound to have me drawn to it. Then there are all the topics I love, fashion and the history behind it to name just a couple. Fashion has been a big fondness of mine since a very young age, but the level of interest has truly sky rocketed over the past year or so. There really is something so freeing and liberating in the fact you can express yourself and your emotions by how you dress. It's a way to send a message without making a sound, a way to be remembered without any actions, a way to stand out.

Despite Chic And Grooves launching mid 2020, the base of this blog has been around since I first started blogging back in 2012 as an eleven year old. My best friend ran her own Movie Star Planet blog and it honestly seemed like the coolest and most badass activity. The summer right after finishing primary school, I bought my own laptop and set up a Movie Star Planet / Cher Lloyd / any other 2012 Tumblr related topic themed website. For an eleven year old, it rocked. Over the years my page evolved and developed, much like I did myself. New names. New themes. New topics of discussion. Writing about the fashion industry is as much fun to me now as writing a post on how to DIY a minion halloween outfit was in 2013, if not more. I've wanted to take this fashion orientated direction on my website for a long time now, and what's better motivation than a pandemic? I adored the penultimate name I chose for my site - K's Yesterdays. It stuck with me through a lot. But I wanted a clean slate and to begin a new chapter of this journey with a fresh perspective. The name 'Chic And Grooves' comes from my two favourite words and I find some joy in the fact that it kind of sounds as though one is saying 'she can groove'.

My adoration of the beauty market still remains. I am lucky enough to work at Lush Cosmetics, where my knowledge of skin and hair care (amongst many others) grows rapidly. It is a very warm and good feeling to be working for a company with not only brilliant cosmetics, but brilliant values. 

I'm currently studying towards a degree in International Business, which is another subject I would happily ramble on about. I'm hoping that I will be able to study abroad, the idea of a business school in Paris mesmerises me. Other cultures really are fascinating, alongside languages themselves. I am very lucky to be bilingual in English and Polish, I like to think that's my superpower.  Post degree wise, I'm not too sure exactly where I want to be. There is plenty of beauty in that. All I can hope for myself is that I will be doing something I enjoy. The possibilities in the fashion and business industries are endless. 

And that's about it regarding this outfit loving nineteen year old. I hope to see you around.

K x

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