About Me

People call me K, I like that a lot. A snappy monosyllabic abbreviation of my longer and very Polish name. I like many other things too, such as high heels and red nails. I welcome you to my little corner of the internet, treated as an electronic diary whilst I navigate through late teenagehood (or what is more commonly referred to as early adulthood) in a pair of Jimmy Choos.

My life pretty much revolves around finding exciting opportunities abroad. From volunteering at fashion week to working at a summer camp, I have been extremely lucky to be in a position where I can independently decide to go and see where my spontaneity will take me and my suitcase. Sometimes people look at me as though I fell off the moon because I find it so easy to just up and go. But that’s so exciting. There are so many wild and fascinating possibilities all over the globe. I strongly believe that if you are in the position to have a go, you shouldn’t hold yourself back. Travelling alone as a woman can seem a bit intimidating at times but going alone is so much better than inevitably waiting and hoping to find someone to go with you. It is also a 101 on you as a person and a real lesson on so many topics. 

The other topic that I have heart eyes over is the fashion industry. I am intoxicated by it. The business side in particular is something I adore. My favourite brands include OddMuse and House of CB. I believe that being completely sustainable in every aspect of your lifestyle is unrealistic, but I do try to shop second-hand or slowly where I can. Fashion has been a big fondness of mine since a very young age, but the level of interest has truly sky rocketed over the past few years. There really is something so freeing and liberating in the fact you can express yourself and your emotions by how you dress. It's a way to send a message without making a sound, a way to be remembered without any actions, a way to stand out.

The funny thing is that I actually embarked on my blogging escapades at the age of 11 back in 2012, when the blogging world was arguably at its strongest. My best friend created her own Movie Star Planet blog and it honestly seemed like the coolest and most badass activity. The summer right after finishing primary school, I bought my own laptop and set up a Movie Star Planet / Cher Lloyd / any other 2012 Tumblr related topic themed website. For an 11 year old, it rocked. Over the years my page evolved and developed, much like I did myself. New names. New themes. New topics of discussion. Writing about the fashion industry is as much fun to me now as writing a post on how to DIY a minion halloween costume was in 2013, if not more. After 9 years of growing up alongside my website, I took a step back as I only want to be involved with things I can completely commit to. Fast forward to the present day and now graduated with a shiny International Business degree, I decided to lean back into the hobby I hold dearly. You may think that blogging is outdated and that social content on platforms such as TikTok is imminently more successful. As someone who is employed within the social marketing sphere, I cannot argue with those points. However, editing websites and lengthy posts are what I feel connected to most. Maybe one day I will decide to give it a go, but for now I am crossing my fingers that blogging will resurface (or that I at least meet those who will live in 2012 with me). 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to catch your eye again,

K x

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