Sunday, June 28, 2020

Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Masterclass

Back in February, I had the pleasure of attending Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Masterclass and it was wonderful. I decided to go by myself and despite being a bit anxious beforehand, I had a swell time. The tickets were £45 each, which included afternoon tea and a £25 voucher to spend on the products. The event was held in a bar of a nice hotel. Before the masterclass started, we were all given information on the products and order sheets for later. We were also greeted with goodie bags with multiple samples including the scent of a dream perfume and a mini wonder glow.


The entire event was very professional. Despite Charlotte not being there herself, we were taught by her assistants. The first topic they covered was skincare, emphasising that investing in your skincare is just as important as investing in your makeup. There was a model sat by the window in front of all the products mentioned, everything was demonstrated on her.  The skincare section was pretty brief, focusing mainly on the instant magic facial dry sheet mask. 


Between the two sections, we were offered a true afternoon tea. There is something so lovely about eating macrons whilst discussing high end makeup. The set up itself added to the atmosphere. The food and cosmetics all looked so presentable, the staff were welcoming, and nothing felt rushed. 


The second section of the masterclass was my favourite. There wasn’t much that I learnt during the skincare talk through since I am already quite orientated in that area. The session was in celebration of Charlotte releasing further products to her famous Pillow Talk line. Instead of one lipstick, there are products that can be used for the entire face. Likewise, the shade selection has increased. The makeup artist recreated one of Charlotte’s iconic looks on the model, gentle berry eyes, glowy skin and a pink natural lip. We were then shown how to easily change this day look into a night one, by adding just some eyeliner and gloss. The night look is seen as the first photo, whereas the day version is the next.


The part that stood out to me the most was actually having a play around with the products myself. Whilst the cosmetics were being demonstrated on the model at the front, they were also passed around for us to experience on our own skin. I would say that the three makeup products most focused on were the cheek to chic blushes, Pillow talk lipsticks and the Pillow talk eyeshadow palette. The lipstick now has an extended range featuring two more shades – a Pillow Talk Medium and a Pillow Talk Intense. Just like with the latter lipstick, a cheek to chic blush has also launched in that shade. These have been designed to suit more skin tones, especially the darker complexions. 


Once the evening came to an end, I decided to treat myself to a blush. Now believe me when I say that I never have been a blush girl, my last one was Mac’s dollymix and I always felt as though blushes just washed me out.  The intense cheek to chic caught my eye, as it was more of a berry than a pink. I explained my blush struggles to one of the makeup artists and they told me that the intense version was for me. Despite it being created for those with a darker complexion, this one looked a lot healthier on me than the original Pillow Talk shade. 


Many months have since passed and I still use this blush daily, it sits very nicely in my makeup routine. The evening itself was a blast. Not only did I learn some tricks such as fill in your brow from the middle first for it to look more natural, but it was also a wonderful way to spend time after a logistics lecture. I highly recommend grabbing a ticket if you get the chance.


K x

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