Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Buffy Summers' Best Looks

Despite airing over two decades ago, Buffy the Vampire Slayer remains a cult classic and favourite. Alongside the gripping story line for any mythical lover, the style from the show is just as inspiring as it was back in 1997. The 90s have been the backbone behind many Highstreet collections over the past few years and many of the iconic looks are integrated into our everyday life – from claw clips to slip dresses. The truth is that shows in the 90s produced many style icons, most popular being Rachel Green from Friends but Buffy Summers’ looks are just as memorable. Whether she was off to dance at The Bronze or out patrolling, Miss Summers constantly served looks.

Black Dress and Black Boot Duo

Of course, I must start with the black dress, black boot combo. I’m a very big fan of black dresses, every lady should own a few. Buffy is known for both very colourful and all black effortless looking outfits. The plainness and subtlety of the material with the short-cupped sleeves makes it the ideal day to day piece, whilst still suiting a pair of stilettos for a dinner. Likewise, black boots surely aren’t going anywhere. Likewise, the square neck number pictured in the middle is a staple for any evening occasion. Whether you’re a high heel or chunky platform soul, black boots remain the pair of shoes that are always wanted. 

Buffy's Leather Jacket Collection

Another Buffy staple has to be a leather jacket, over the course of the seven seasons we see her rocking many, the most famous probably being Angel’s black oversized one that appears in season one. As well as the iconic white prom dress with the black leather jacket look from the finale of the same season, of course. The reality of leather jackets is that they do not ‘go out of style’ as they truly look good on everyone. Probably one of the most known leather jacket moments was when Zara released their coloured biker faux leather jackets back. Few years ago – baby pink, burgundy, mustard and blue. The hype around that particular shape and colour palette may seem dated, but the variations of leather jackets is never ending. My favourite leather jacket is from NA-KD, it’s a chocolate brown double-breasted faux leather piece with a belt buckle in the middle which tightly cinches you in. The amounts of compliments I have received on this jacket is pretty surreal, I was once even told that I reminded someone of Buffy whilst wearing it. Unfortunately, this particular piece has now sold out since I bought it over a year ago, but NA-KD-s leather jacket collections in general are worth checking out.

Cute Prints

Even though Buffy rocks many badass looks, she often wore the giriiest prints out there. From pink cheetah print to cherries, we regularly saw the slayer embracing her softer side. Over the lockdown summer we have seen a strong increase in popularity in ‘y2k’ trends and cute prints on everything, such as those adorable patterned Motel Rocks slip dresses many girls have been strutting around in. Floral and animal prints in particular are always ‘in’ and loved by many. The cherry print is my personal favourite, its easy to get boxed in and think the pattern world ends at plaid, animals and flowers. Buffy is proof that these prints can look good on anybody, even if you’re not a stereotypical girly-girl.

The truth is that this post is just the tip of the iceberg. Buffy teaches us countless fashion tips throughout the seven seasons, alongside other gurus such as Cordelia and Faith.

What are your favourite Buffy looks?

K x

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