Sunday, July 19, 2020

Styling Little Black Dresses For The Day

Oh, the little black dress, where do we begin? As far as wardrobe staples go, LBDs can definitely be classed in this category. Wearing one is such a simple way to look elegant and classy in such an effortless way. I find that pretty much everyone uses or has at least heard of the term, but most purely connotate it with evening outfits. And whilst you cannot go wrong with a black dress when the sky is dark, there is no reason why these pieces should be limited to that time. Here are three simple ways to rock a little black dress on the daily.

With a hat


Now this particular dress does have a strong drinks feeling about it. You can easily imagine it with a pair of stilettos and a matching clutch. I bought this dress because it reminded me of Vikki Dougan’s iconic backless black midi moment in 1957. Of course, there are a few differences, but the similarity between the long sleeves, open back with a clasp on a strap and covered front made me put this number in my basket. Yes, backless outfits are stereotypically more evening approved, however this is no different than wearing a halter. Similarly, the modest appearance remains due to the high coverage on the front. This on its own with a pair of kitten heels would work great for a lunch date, but since we are on the theme of accessories, we cannot forget the classic – hats. Whether its Dorothy Malone in 1956’s Written on The Wind or Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961, we can find plenty of proof that a black hat paired with a black midi dress is a timeless look. In order to spice up the outfit further, I removed the black ribbon the hat originally came with and swapped it for a Chanel ribbon. The hat is from ASOS.

With tights


I adore a dress and tights duo. I bought this dress last autumn in Zara and I have worn in countless times. The main focus is on the mid length balloon sleeves but since the dress is very tight fitting, the shapes of both elements complement each other well. Whilst being extremely flattering, there is nothing to stop this dress from being worn in the daytime. This dress is actually knitted, which makes it both warm and comfortable. To carry on the warm and comfortable trend, I paired this piece with a pair of polka dot tights from Boux Avenue. Now these can be styled both for day and night-time but pieced together with a knitted dress make a gorgeous light sky look. And just with those two pieces, I managed to out together an outfit that looks like a lot more than it actually is – a plain black dress and patterned tights. Another advantage of this duet is the fact that even though cute loafers march, some ankle boots do just as much. This type of outfit makes me feel like Adrienne La Russa in 1969’s Psychout for Murder. Paired with my Gucci boat pochette and black low heel sling backs from Zara, you’re ready to hit the shops.  

With a blazer


I adore blazers, I have lost count of how many I currently own. Their biggest advantage is that they hold a very smart look and throwing one on can transform an outfit. Black dresses already carry class with them, so pairing them with a blazer emphasises this further. This gives me a strong off duty supermodel vibes, especially with a low bun and a pair of black sunglasses on. This Zara dress works perfectly for this, its simple therefore the blazer won’t be taking anything away from it. Since the dress is plain, I decided to pair it with a velvet blazer that has satin lapels. The mix of textures will prevent the outfit from looking flat and add a further level to it. In order to compliment the satin lapels, I added my 'Charme' black crystal belt from House Of CB. Adding this piece also gives the look more shape, as the waist is highlighted under the blazer. The jacket itself is from Topman that I picked up in a charity shop a while back, an absolute steal.

How are you going to wear little black dresses during the day?

K x


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