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What To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your First Designer Bag

 Purchasing your first designer bag is an unforgettable experience. The market is continuously growing meaning that more and more designs and trends are hitting the streets. Likewise, so is the preloved market. Before buying my first Gucci bag, I surfed the internet looking for tips to ensure I was making the right choice, now I'm sharing my favourites with you.

Do your research


Whether you’re buying your bag brand new or on the preloved market, it’s important to see how the bag will hold up in the future. ‘Wear and Tear’ and review videos on YouTube are brilliant for this, as this is exactly what their purpose is. I also recommend searching up the same bag on places like Vestiaire Collective, this will allow you to examine photographs carefully and see how long lasting the product really is. 

The Exterior Material


This is crucial and heavily dependent on what you plan on using your bag for. My first luxury bag was the Gucci Boat Pochette. Despite adoring this bag, I do not wear it often because I am worried about damaging the canvas. With British weather, you can never be fully certain whether or not the rain will start pouring down soon, this bag wasn’t created to be used in this weather. Of course, the first few times the rain hits, the damage (if any) will be minimal. However, with the exposure to such conditions growing, so does the wear and tear. If you are after a day-to-day handbag, the more sensible choice will be leather or patent, as It will be more durable, and you can lightly wash off any marks meaning you won’t be left with stains.




The concept of trends goes one of two ways – either you hop on a trend and the item will look dated to that particular year (such as Alexander Wang’s Rocco studded bag in 2014) or you find a trend that includes features that have always been in your style so you maximise the use of the goods available. The Rocco bag is just one example of pieces that initially take people back to a particular time and atmosphere. The Prada nylon reeditions will always initially remind people of 2020, just lie Louis Vuitton’s Multi Pochette. If you are someone who always wants to appear to be in the current trend, classic shapes and designs are the safes best as they are timeless. Bags such as Chanel’s 2.55 or Louis Vuitton’s Alma aren’t specific to one time in history and they look just as beautiful today as they did ten years ago. Classic prints are a safe bet, and usually work with a lot more in your wardrobe. However, this is no rule. If you’re a pastel soul and have been waiting for a collection in this specific colour palette to drop, Gucci’s multicolour pastel range may be more you than the same products in black. This is just a good point to consider, but not necessarily a rule to follow.


The size


Each bag we have serves a different need. For the past three years I’ve been using a cream patent tote from Ralph Lauren to college/university and to work, its large enough to fit my laptop and a few more things. Because it’s so large, I really wanted a smaller bag to just carry my phone, mask and hand sanitiser. Initially I had my eye on Louis Vuitton’s mini Pochette Accessories, but that wouldn’t fit my phone, so I knew it probably wasn’t the smartest choice as I always carry my phone. Instead, I managed to find the larger version of the same Pochette on The Vintage Bar. You need to calculate the size of the bag you need to see which size you’ll; get the most wear out of – buying a clutch if u already have multiple clutches you love and wear regularly may mean that a cross body for the day is a better choice.




Of course, the colour is just as important as everything else. This links into the trend and dated looks debate as well as the practicality. Neutral colours are usually the safest bet, as the colours are always in style and will suit most of the pieces in your wardrobe. This being said, there is no rule against buying a piece in your favourite colour no matter how wild and adventurous it is.  It’s just something worth considering.

And most importantly, cheers to your new bag.

K x

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