Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Diana's Best Looks Which You Haven't Seen


As we await the release of the fourth season of The Crown, it's time to admire just a handful of Lady Diana's most iconic yet less known looks. It's true that the Princess' style is something many of us are familiar with, such as the symbolic 'Revenge Dress' but there are so many other beautiful creations she wore that deserve just as much recognition. Let's celebrate them together. 

The Ultimate Red Dress

Starting off with the bar raised very, very high is the red dress of all red dresses. I've only come across the photo twice, finding it on Harper's Bazaar. It baffles me how this look isn't one of her most known ones. The boldness of the colour and material choice harmonise together through the elegant and simple shape of the gown. The simplicity of Diana's subtle eye makeup paired with the red lip and earrings ties the look together in an effortlessly elegant way. However, this look is still so powerful.

The All Black

Lady Diana often wore monochrome looks but this has to be my favourite one. There is something empowering about wearing all black, even just during the day on your walk to buy some groceries. It's also an easy way to look chic.

The White Versace Moment

Okay, so this one you may have already seen. I love it too much for me to not include it. This dress is so simple and that's the key. The cut, the length, the colour and the gold detailing, all prove that less can be more. Loud dresses are fun and have a time when they shine, but that doesn't mean they overshadow the classics. 

The Real Life Aurora

There is no possibility of looking at this photograph and not thinking of the sleeping beauty. If this look was created or reworn nowadays, I see it walking hand in hand with Zendaya's Hilfiger Cinderella gown at the 2018 'Camp' Met Gala. It's unlike the red carpet looks our generation is used to, because even though the collar bones are displayed beautifully, the dress is still modest.

Which out of these four is your favourite?

K x

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