Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Buying On Vestiaire Collective

I have now placed four orders on Vestiaire Collective throughout 2020, so I feel as though I am ready to give my honest review of the platform. For those who aren't yet familiar with it, Vestiaire Collective is a preloved market for luxury goods (with the few Zara bits thrown in there). The aspect that makes it different to the other secondhand sites such as eBay or Depop is that Vestiaire Collective is a third party actively involved in everything you buy or sell. This means that when something is sold, it goes to the company's offices and is authenticated before being sent to the buyer. This ensures that what you buy is genuine and gives you some peace of mind.

My first purchase was back in January. A beautiful black Gucci Boat Pochette. Over the first lockdown I treated myself to a Dolce and Gabanna cashmere sweater from their A/W19 collection and a gorgeous Ted Baker jacket. This was followed by my most recent purchase of Jimmy Choo Haywood boots. I like the platform hence why I use it. The fact that everything is checked before appearing on your doorstep is helpful. The purchase includes a delivery note with the name of who inspected it, confirmation of whether the origin has been verified and whether the item matches the description. 

The amount of items on the platform is impressive. If there is a particular dress or bag you're after, chances are that you will find ten in a mix of conditions from all over the world. This is brilliant as you can really pinpoint the item you want and to some extent, be as picky as you wish. The downside is that just browsing without a specific product in mind can be a bit overwhelming. ASOS is very similar in the way that there are thousands and thousands of products right in front of you, you can scroll for hours and not find something you like. I go through phases with this platform, I will either check it multiple times a day for two weeks or not open it for a few. 

The only other secondhand market I have purchased a luxury good from has been The Vintage Bar where I bought my Louis Vuitton Pochette. The nice thing about ordering from there was that all the items were photographed the same way, which you don't get when there are thousands of individual sellers. This does mean that not all photos are very clear or show exactly what you would like them to. However, you can always comment on the post and politely request more photos to be uploaded.

From my own personal experiences, I have found the sellers on Depop to be more helpful when selling. There are several messages regarding different items over the past eleven months I haven't received a reply on until this day. Maybe it's because most of the stock on Depop comes from highstreet retailers and many of the sellers are students and care more about their service and selling their items. However just like with everything, some people are an exception. For example when purchasing my four items, the sellers were replying instantly and helping me.

The delivery has been brilliant every time. On average I would wait around ten days for an item in Italy to be sent to Pairs and verified and then posted to me. Of course you can track at which stage your order is at. When buying from some sellers, you also have the choice of 'direct shipping' which means that the authentication stage is skipped. If you're buying something and you don't need it verifying, this will save you around £10. 

Overall, I enjoy shopping on Vestiaire Collective and I have been satisfied with my purchases. You can find truly good deals and help prolong the clothing's life. They usually offer £20 off your first £150 purchase through their app too.

K x

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