Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The YSL Rive Droite Collection

 Our purchase histories this past year have been a true rollercoaster. From the uncertainty of what a lockdown means to companies offering appealing sales to keep the revenue, businesses have really had to think outside of the box with their releases.With Christmas soon approaching, new collections are going to be dropping left, right and centre. The 'Gift' section on every website is about to grow larger and it's easy to get a bit swept away with the amount of potential purchases. 2020 has taught us several lessons, one of them being to expect the unexpected. I came across Saint Laurent's new Rive Droite collection and I had to share it with you - whether as a gift guide or some treat yourself goods. 

The Rive Droite 'Goodies' category is gift central. If you're shopping for a fashion lover or someone who enjoys YSL's prints, this page is for you. This collection features all the random bits and bobs you need at some point, and some extras. A series of USB flash drives, bottle openers, disposable cameras, you name it. Granted some items seem gimmicky, they all share the Saint Laurent edge.

Here are some of my personal favourites from the collection.

A Juergen Teller Poster - £50

There are several posters of photographs shot by the German photographer Juergen Teller available but this one is my favourite. Featuring a shot representing the Summer 2020 campaign for YSL, the atmosphere reminds me of something hanging on Serena van der Woodsen's wall. The shoes, the colours, the warmth, wonderful.

The Black Cotton Tote Bag - £50
Black totes have become a staple in many people's lives, the ideal 'grab a few groceries' bag. Of course, they also have the sustainable element as they are a brilliant alternative for plastic bags. This collection offers multiple different phrases printed on the 100% cotton tote. Understandably not the most overwhelming design, but ideal if you rely on cotton totes regularly. Most are black with a white font, but this particular one is my favourite. Paired with a denim jacket, it's a look.

A very simple, classic phone case. This is the average price of a case at Apple so I consider this price point to be reasonable especially for a high end brand. Available in black, white and red, you can't really go wrong with it. It is clearly branded but without being in your face and won't clash with any monograms or logos from other brands. Also, these are made out of silicone so you do not have to worry about them chipping or snapping.

Pocket mirrors are a must have. Whether you need to make sure your mask is on straight, top up your mascara or fix your hair, mirrors are more reliable than a phone selfie camera. This is a lovely little gift, especially if the recipient enjoys animal print. Something very small but not restricted by age or trend. Just like with the phone cases, this is something branded without the logo shouting from the roof tops. You never know when you are going to need a mirror on the go. 

Which is your favourite?

K x

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