Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Movies To Watch For Fashion Inspiration

 Since I dedicated a post to some of the best shows to watch for fashion inspiration, it’s time to shine the spotlight on movies that do the same. This is quite literally just the tip of the iceberg. The list of films exceeds the variety available just on Netflix. Very often when you think about movies with iconic style, you instantly gravitate towards Clueless and Legally Blonde. Those are classics and loved by pretty much all, but here’s the part of the list which isn’t as common. Put on your face mask, grab your gin glass and enjoy.

Salvare La Facia / Psychout for Murder

I adore this film. I have recommended it to a few people before but when they heard that it is Italian and they would have to rely on subtitles, they were discouraged to watch this. That is a very big shame. Growing up bilingual and in a foreign country, movies and shows with dubbing or subtitles are normal to me. I only really clock onto the fact there are multiple languages if something isn’t translated correctly and you think ‘huh, that’s not what the actor said in English’. It is true that English is a very common language but please don’t close the door to other arts just because they weren’t produced in America or England. The world of cinema goes far beyond Hollywood and the most common A-Z alphabet. You may have actually seen screenshots of this movie floating around online before. Licia’s style is unmatched. So colourful, bold, feminine and young.  Also, the storyline is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. That being said, I encourage you to watch a foreign film even if it is not this particular one. 

Notting Hill

Such an underrated movie by our generation. Young Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, I don’t really know what more you could ask for in a 90s movie. The particular fashion moment which stands out to me is Anna’s black leather jacket, black Chanel beret and black cat eye shades. A timeless look. Alongside this, it’s a very warm film to watch. A light-hearted romcom with no dark or deep storylines and classic outfits.

Cruel Intentions

I adore Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon so of course I had to include Cruel Intentions. It’s impossible to look at the corsets currently trending and not see Kathryn if you have previously watched this movie. My favourite of her looks has to be the brown/maroon toned dress with embroidered flowers. Another stand out moment is her black fedora with the black suit – timeless. However, all of her looks are just as dazzling. I haven’t yet met a person who watched this movie and didn’t like it.

Uptown Girls

Probably most known for young Dakota Fanning saying, ‘It’s a harsh world’, this movie is wonderful. Molly Gunn’s wardrobe is one I would happily spend some time in. The reason this movie made the list was the birthday dress. It is unlike anything you’ve seen before. The 2000s shape, the sequins, the bright colours contrasting the nude – amazing. This is one of those pieces you see on a screen and dream of wearing yourself. There are too many outfits in the movie that I could choose from. The embroidered and embellished denim dungaree dress deserves an honourable mention. Molly’s style was always fun and youthful. The white mini dress with the three cartoons is another example of this.

With a never-ending list of movies yet to see, these are a good place to start.

K x
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