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My Favourite Depop Shops

I have loved the idea of the preloved market ever since I had my own pocket money to spend. There are so many advantages to it, from supporting small businesses to giving someone’s old clothes a new home. Unfortunately, fast fashion is growing rapidly, and it is easy to get tempted to solely buy there. In my many years of scrolling platforms such as Depop and Etsy, I have come across many brands that are led by their ethics. Here are my favourites that I know I will be buying more from in the future and personally recommend. This is not a sponsored post in anyway, I just want to share my favourite fast fashion alternatives.


Studded Petals


I stumbled across Studded Petals last summer whilst trying to find some vintage and unique designer pieces. To say I hit the jackpot would be an understatement. Millie manages to source authentic goods from all of the hottest brands, from Chanel and Gucci to Burberry and Fendi with everything in between. I enjoy the stock drops, there is something so exciting about seeing the live countdown to when her most recent finds are available.  The brilliant thing about this particular shop is that there are plenty of different items with different styles. You can find your dream 90s rimless Chanel sunglasses right next to a Fendi towel set. 


I purchased a beautiful Dole and Gabanna sweater from Studded Petals last year and to this day it is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve contacted Millie a few times and even when I was just browsing, she was always very helpful. Pieces from this shop have been worn by Madison Beer and Bella Hadid, if this isn’t proof of the wonderful service then I don’t know what is. I highly recommend Studded Petals for all the vintage luxury lovers like myself out there.


All accounts - @studdedpetals

Website –


Aurem By Freya


Aurem By Freya is a very special business. Freya specialises in gorgeous handmade dainty jewellery. The gorgeous hairpins and rings aside, 100% of the profits are donated to help rescue elephants in Thailand. You read correctly, 100%.  The donations all go to the Elephant Nature Park to put abused elephants on the path to their recovery.


I was struggling to find a simple but elegant cartilage stud for a fairly long time, I searched the internet, and none caught my eye, until I found Freya’s page on Depop. Freya’s pieces are all very affordable, especially when compared to the businesses that do not donate their profits. The service was impeccable. The earring came quickly and wrapped wonderfully, with my name handwritten in a script font with a thank you note. Buying a gift for someone here is a brilliant idea and would make a great present from the heart.


All accounts - @aurembyfreya

Website –



Dreamers Rebels


Dreamers Rebels is a ship that sells both true vintage and their own slow fashion pieces. This is the ideal place for all the vintage feminine souls to find unforgettable garments. When I say feminine, I mean true dainty almost fairy like clothes. Their own collection is ethically made, which justifies purchasing treats here that are slightly more expensive than opting for a fast fashion giant. The vintage pieces that Dreamers rebels offer are all handpicked and strongly remind me of Gabi DeMartino’s style. 


I have recently received my own order – a baby blue three-piece suit from the 90s. Dreamers Rebels offers a rework service when buying from them, I had the trousers and skirt from my three-piece adjusted to my measurements by a tailor. Having this service offered to you is brilliant, as it saves you time from having to sort it out yourself. Not only were my clothes wrapped in lovely packaging, the business had put flowers in the parcel to give it that extra girly touch.

All accounts - @dreamersrebels


House of Sunny


This is the perfect brand for all my groovy souls out there. The designs are stunning. You can instantly tell where clothes from this brand are from as they are truly unique, I haven’t seen anything remotely similar to their prints on the market. Individuality aside, I also adore this business because of their anti-waste prints. It is no secret that there is astronomical amount of textile waste produced which ends up in landfills, now what a badass way are anti waste prints to help combat this. House of Sunny’s anti waste print idea means that many of their patterns are a non-placement print, therefore they do not have to make sure that every single pattern is lined up in the exact same place as in other garments which means they have less waste. Not only does this lead to a larger percentage of fabric being used up, it also means every piece that is created using this fabric will differ. 


I have two pieces from House of Sunny, the ‘Marina’ shirt which makes me feel like Jackie Burkhart from That 70’s Show and ‘Thee Coveralls’ in a tangerine shade which give a very strong Ashton Kutcher vibe from a cast shoot from the same sitcom where everyone is in coloured jumpsuits. Both pieces are so different to everything the high street has to offer. The Marina shirt is made out of anti-waste fabric, which emphasises its funky and bold patterns further.


All accounts - @houseofsunny

Website –

What are your favourite fast fashion alternatives?

K x

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