Sunday, July 12, 2020

Fashion Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Everyone needs to be aware of those little fashion hacks that can save the day if needs be. Those little pieces of information you randomly gather throughout your life. Here is a list of my favourite little tips to get you either through a fashion emergency, or prevent one.


Nude Tights

Nude tights remain one of the best inventions. It still surprises me when people are amazed by these, as they are such a simple element to add to your wardrobe. No need to tan or worry about any bruisers or anything in between. That aside, they also provide a layer (thin, but still a layer nonetheless) between your skin and the shoe, so you’re one little step further away from blisters. 

Know Your Measurements

You need to know your measurements. This is crucial. The typical numerical sizes or the S,M,L scales only help so much and at times, different companies size their garments slightly differently (hence why a size 10 in one place will fit the same as a size 12 in another). When you know your measurements, you can use size guides accurately and find your best fitting size. Having your clothes fit you properly is one of the most important things



Stretching Shoes

Perhaps the only crafty one here, here’s what to do to stretch your shoes. All sorts of mishaps can happen when buying a pair of shoes. On my prom day I realised that my stilettos were not the same size, both said they were a size 6 and neither of them seemed to be a size bigger or smaller, yet they were different n done didn’t fit. I lived in a little town with no retail shops and literally hours way from prom, so I put a bag of water inside the smaller stiletto and froze it. It stretched slightly and fit perfectly. A very weird little hack that worked wonders, and those remained my favourite high heels for over three years.

Small Heels


Wearing heels is a guaranteed way to make it seem as though your outfit is more polished and put together. This isn’t limited to stilettos whatsoever; I’m actually talking about small block slingbacks. These are revolutionary. A stylish yet. Very comfortable way to spice up any outfit. I think sometime people worry about wearing a little heel in their everyday routine, but these aren’t that different to heeled ankle boots that most of us wear anyway. my favourite pairs are from Zara, they always have a few different colours available.


Know Which Shapes Suit You Figure

Just like you need to know your measurements, you need to know which shapes fit your body best. This makes shopping, especially online, so much easier. Once you find the shape patterns and cuts that flatter you the most, you have an almost safe bet that what you’re ordering will suit. This is also a good way to try out new clothes and styles, if something in particular suits you ery well, then something that is close to it might also. For instance, if you see that asymmetrical straps are flattering on you, is it because they draw attention to the higher part of your chest? Or is it because of the size of the actual strap itself?

Of course, the 'hacks' in the fashion world are never-ending, but these are just a few of my personal favourites. What are yours?

K x 

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